Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz Irani, Niketan Madhok, Imam Siddique – Who will be the winner?

Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz Irani, Niketan Madhok, Imam Siddique – Who will be the winner?

Our astronumerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi and Tarot reader Shruti Chopra predict their winners of Bigg Boss 6. So who will it be – Delnaaz Irani, Imam Siddique or Niketan Madhok? Read on to find out

Our astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi and tarot reader Shruti Chopra give their verdict on who will win this season of Bigg Boss 6. Three of the eight contestants who are currently fighting the battle inside the house – Delnaaz Irani, Niketan Madhok or Imam Siddique could be the probable winner this time around.

Bhavikk Sangghvi claims that it will be model Niketan Madhok who will win the current season of Bigg Boss. Remember, he had rightly predicted Juhi Parmar as the winner of Bigg Boss 5.

Here’s how he explains his theory:

“Niketan was born on 9th October 1982 which makes him a Number 9 (Mars) person in numerology. Like all Librans, he is ruled by Number 6 (Venus) while his destiny number adds up to Number 3 (Jupiter)” explains Bhavikk.

Niketan turned 30 during the start of the show which indicates that his best phase is just about to begin. The grand finale episode of the show will be aired on January 12, 2013 and the compound number (sum total) arrived from this date is Number 1 (Sun). The name Niketan Madhok vibrates on Number 46 (4+6=1).

The upcoming year 2013 which adds up to Number 6 (Venus) is likely to prove lucky for most Number 3, 6 and 9 people and Niketan is just ‘destined’ to win the popular reality show.

The second second choice for the winner will be Aashka Goradia (November 27, 1985) and third in the line will be Sana Khan (August 21, 1987).

Shruti Chopra’s prediction

Delnaaz Irani is in an environment where although she is taken seriously, she is not respected to the level she deserves. She believes that this show is a risk to her reputation, but with the King and Ace of Pentacles appearing, it is highly possible that her risk might pay off. She has strong chances of succeeding and moving forward in life as a result of her Bigg Boss appearance.

Urvashi Dholakia may seem to be hot headed, but the Temperance reflects her ability to remain balanced and play the game as and when required. Her desire to win this for her family drives her very strongly, but this isn’t looking enough for her to get through to the finishing line.

Aashka Goradia can be impulsive in displaying her emotions, but she’s quite sensible about the image she wishes to be projected of her. She is content with herself but also believes that she can be the dark horse and win this, especially as she has the strong Queen of Wands supporting her plans.

Sapna Bhavnani has a tentative couple of weeks ahead. The Eight of Cups shows the negative energy she has been feeling despite trying to change herself. But she will come through as a changed person and will overall be appreciative of the experience she has received.

Sana Khan is another contestant who will gain immensely from this exposure. The Page of Cups reveals that although she does believe that she has strong chances to win, she also feels that there are others who are stronger than her.

Rajev Paul carriers a complicated mind set. With the Page of Cups and the Tower cards appearing, it is seeming very difficult for Rajev to win this season. But in his desire to win, he will further complicate his life by over working on simple situations.

Niketan Madhok has surprised himself, but he does not take his unexpected achievement of remaining on the show for granted. He holds no further expectations and will enjoy each day as it comes – but at the same time, as he nears the final, his anxieties will grow. This may not prove to be healthy for his future in the house. The Eight of Wands warns other contestants that Niketan might actually catch them off guard.

Imam Siddiqui is like the Empress – confident and on top of his game, but certainly arrogant in his temperament. The Four of Swords warns of his negativity affecting his position in the final although he will get close.

After comparing all the eight contestants, these are Tarot’s top three contenders:

1. Delnaaz Irani

2. Imam Siddiqui

3. Niketan Madhok

Learn more about our tarot reader Shruti Chopra

Our prediction

According to us, Delnaaz Irani, with her sane demeanour and polite conduct, has a bright chance of winning the sixth season of Bigg Boss. But what do you think, BollywoodLifers: Who according to you will be crowned the winner of Bigg Boss 6?

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    • yasoda lama

      delnaaz have to win

      • sohail

        imam have to win

        • manashi

          i dont agree with you.As imam is irritating person in the whole world.He doesnt to be deserved to win the show

  • Aisha azeem

    I want either Delnaaz or Sana to win the show..

  • Khaleel Sagar

    I Wish.. the big boss season 6 title should go to Imam Or Sapna… Dilnaz won’t win big boss season 6 title, she doesn’t deserve this title at all. Let her first patch up her relation with rajeev.

  • umer

    I want either Delnaaz
    or Sana to win the show..

    • arfa

      ya i wish too

    • lee

      delnaz or sana,2 sweet ladies,winner should be among them

      • khawar

        Sana or Dilnaz win My wish

  • shah

    Imam should win the bb6 he is very much entertainment and he is very straight forward person,he never play any politics in big boss house.He deserve to be win bb6.

  • sahar

    sana ahould win this show because this is alag 6, so she shoud win this show. love u sana khan

  • liza

    hope sana win the show

  • sara

    Hope sana win the show, she is so cute and honest. love u sana u will be the winner of bigg boss alag 6 InshAllah

  • sara

    Hope sana win the show, she is so cute and honest. love u sana u will be the winner of bigg boss alag 6 InshAllah.

  • Kamat, P

    Urvashi dholakia deserves to win its high time we see a strong female to win and show to the world that woman who stands for herself is also appreciated and encouraged and not just only coy, meek and diplomatic ones. Urvashi for the win!!!!!!!!!!

  • aram

    INSHA’ALLAH Urvashi will win because nobody deserves to win as much as she do

  • jai

    urvashi or niketan should win…..delnaz is fake with her imitating juhi parmar game delnaz only begged for sympathy expose her personal life with rajiv all thru the show…about time to make someobody deserving winner…thats urvashi or niketan

    • sabia

      yes u r right im with u

  • sanoritabaloch

    noooooooooo urvashi teeki mirchi hai sana khan win karegi inshallah

  • imran memon

    i think imam deserve to win bb 6 because he is very honest and very straight forward man. the way rajeev treat him as animal we should remove rajeev with immediate effect. according to whole east Africa viewers we need imam should win all our prayers are with him BEST OF LUCK IMAM.



  • Mohammad Amjad

    Imam Siddiqui and Delnaz Irani are true and Sincere human beings. I want either Imam Siddiqui or Delnaaz Irani to win BB6, Inshallah.

  • ashwani

    hope imam win the show.he is honest.and he deserved to be win the show.dressing style of imam is unique.he has a great sense of humour.


    GOD Delnaaz Irani WILL WIN BIG BOSS

  • Satish raj

    Imam should win tis season coz he deserves it… He is straight forward and honest… He always catches the truth….after imam it is Sana who deserves tis big boss 6… All the best imam n sana..:-)

  • I*predict





    One of you Gots to WiN!!:D

    • shams


  • UrviRox

    I <3 U
    URVASHI DhoLaKia*
    you are 'THE' role model for the women of this Generation.
    You are Awesome.
    I aspire to be like you .
    You are an inspiration''#

    +your 2 sons Cute too. Hoho:P

  • david

    imam, who stayed in da house without anybody’s favor, nobody likes to talk to him, everybody talks bad of him and to him. i don’t know how he could survive. other house mates doesn’t like newcomers doing which can highlight them, that’s what happening with him. they didn’t like santosh, dinesh bishal, who were first target of nomination since the day they came in. If he had stayed quiet like santosh or dinesh or bishal did he would have evicted long time back. it’s a game. He is main points to discuss??? why ?? because of his attitude of staying head to head with old mates.I think imam deserves the crown, other spent days just doing nothing… i think he’s little angry with that too…
    think yourself as imam, who is living between hatred and back bitting, laughing at him…. ohhhhh I would have gone mad in that situation,… all housemates left no stone to show him down… bravoooo
    goo imam goo. you have to win

  • Tseten

    Niketan will win this season,he deserve to win .

  • aliya

    I think Urvashi should b the winner……Imam doesnt deserve to b in the finals,he is mentally sick,so stupid ill mannered,i just hate him as a v stupid person he shouldnt win this show,he is v irritating……i just dont like him

    • skh

      Aliya plz keep quite.Don’t put rubbish messages.

  • Shakti

    Immam sahab ko jita do yaar bahot tang karte hai sab log unko

  • irs

    imam sab par bari… He wil singlehandedly win the show..he doesnt require suprt like oders do.

  • Aparaajith

    Wrong predictions delnaz out of bigg boss

  • K

    Niketan this time, No doubt!!!!

    • shivani thakur

      yeah niketan would be a winner

  • harisinh

    No Deinaz can’t out

  • prkash

    immam winners

  • prkash

    immam winners full intertainers

  • prakash

    sidhu ji kay jaanay kay bad immam kay aanay say big boss dekhnay ko mazza ayya sirf immam kay wajay say immam full intertainers. full marks

  • prakash

    immam sab pay bhari kyounki national peltfrom pay aap picnic mananay nahi ja sak tay audience ko inter chahiye immam is rock …..immam is full intertainers

  • prkash

    salman ji immam nay priti or srk kay bary main kuch bhi galat nahi kaha proficnnalily cast kiya hai…….. aap nay unhain kyou datha immam is rock full intertainers ,,, bhaut maihenti hai ……. great main ….. immam is winners

  • shalini

    I think urvashi will win becoz. she. Show a very strong side of women &we all indians need such astrong winner.

    • ateet khare

      yes everybody write

    • a

      jitan bhe big boss ka ghar m ha abhi vo sab apan ap m kuch kimat rakha ta ha isy aj big boss ka ghar par ha or mujh ko pata ha ke un sab m sa ak he winnter ho ga a

    • ateet khare

      u r write mis shalni

  • masira

    i want delnaaz to win

  • jaimin

    urvashi is strong contenist to win bigg boss alag che but a new face sana khan will farily win the tittle

  • poo

    urvasi vs niketan ,is in the finale round .i think so!

  • Yesmin

    es definitely…… Delnaaz is the winner.

  • kashif khan


  • kamran khan

    imam siddique is the best entertainer of bigg boss season 6

  • laddan babu

    imam siddique is the winner

  • neha rajpoot

    imam siddique is the rock

  • bhawani sankar

    imam is the great contender

  • ashwani

    imam is the winner of bigg boss season 6.

  • ameera

    imam should win he s true him…

  • priyan

    niketan madhok should win big boss 6

  • Mithra

    IMAM ALL THE WAY!! There was never a contestant in Bigg boss or else bigg brother, who entertained the way he did.. Now, it feels that there shud be a IMAM in all the seasons of coming bigg boss..

  • Jile Singh

    Niketan Is relar winner in Bigg Boss 6

  • Nazma

    Definitely Imam. He is the ultimate entertainer. We watch tv for entertainment and he provides 100 percent entertainment.

  • vikas dubey

    Niketan will be the winnner of BIGG BOSS 6 Because he is the only desent, fair & cool person in the house. he don’t use any publicity stunt for highlighting like delnaz, rajeev, sana, imam & sapna only urvasi is stronge contender for him.
    if he will not win i will not see big boss again.

  • sunain

    niketan must win the show with lots of loveeeeeeeeeeeeee…….

  • Nawaab

    Niketan is 36 years old…he said this during live feed to Imaam… Now ask ur numeroligist to do a study of his winning chances once again…

  • zahuruddin

    Imam is straight farward person, he deserve to win the big boss season 6.

    rajveed paul is the big fool and proudy person in the big boss house, he will never win at allll.

    as per my prediction : Imam or Delnaz irani

    all the best for the finals.


  • Nazma

    Delnaaz pretending to be miss two goody shoes whereas she is not. She is only acting to be this nice person which exists in her imagination.

  • Heena khan

    Bb6 ka winner niketan hi ho.

  • sneha

    i hope and pray,that IMAM should win… He has a very clean heart and very blunt nature.. He made me and my family laughed & smiled,everytime we watched him.. he is the only reason to watch big boss.. i strongly feel, he deserves to win.. ALL THE BEST IMAM, my and my family and friends votes are for u.. We all love you.. God bless you..


    I THINK BIGG BOSS SEASON FIVE WINNER IS ONLY AND ONLY MR IMAN SIDDIQUE .i like him because he is straight forwad what he want to say he say.


    I THINK BIGG BOSS SEASON 6 WINNER IS ONLY AND ONLY MR IMAN SIDDIQUE .i like him because he is straight forwad what he want to say he say.

  • sunain

    nekitan should win the show…

  • sunain

    plz vote for niketan

  • sunain

    bigg boss 6 winner is niketan madhok plz vote for him……….

  • sunain

    imam is really fake men…………

  • aakifa

    Mai chahti hu imam siddique bigg boss 6 jite wo bht hi accha insan h double face nh h baki cntestnts ki trha fake rajiv urvashi delnaz or sana cheap love you imam tum nh toh bigg boss me maza nh

  • raghu

    nik to win

  • raghuveer

    i will be nik to win big boss 6

  • zafar iqubal khan

    pleas friends vote for Imam kyo he deserve to win the game kyoki bahut kaam time us ne apne aap ko Bigg Boss 6 me apna jagha no 1 ye bana liya hai or i hope he will the game ……..

  • shams memon

    nik deserve to win the game ( big boss6)

  • bharat dhir

    I think Nikten sabse jyada deserve karta hai… others are showing artificial behave….

  • Ghazal

    Imam or niketan should win this show ..imam is too gud he knows how to entertain public … When we watch imam we can’t do ny other thing so he is the true entertainer … Sana was doing gud but now she is dyeing to replace c grad veena Malik Rajeev looks so ugly n old with cheap behaviour.. Delnaaz trying to be very nice which not digetable…

  • Fiona

    Imam and only imam…I love to watch him.. Imam u rock

  • Fiona

    Imam and only imam… I love to watch him u rock imam

  • adil

    imam will be the winner. y rajev is playing the game.
    he will not win.

  • adil

    imam will win. only only imam will win the big boss 6.

  • adil

    imam imam imam imam is the winner

  • adil

    imam will win. bec every one is playing the game against. the imam. no one like him in the house. he was doing lunch
    on the door.when every one was on the dyning table. imam u will win

  • adil

    i like imam

  • adil

    imam go on. u will win

  • adil

    imam every one is with u

  • adil

    imim will win

  • adil

    imam is the best

  • adil

    u will win imam

  • adil

    imam is the winner

  • adil

    imam sahi ha boss

  • adil

    sahi ha imam

  • Ashok Jugran

    He never talked anythig loudly to bigg boss, he always obeys bigg boss, he faces every situation bravely, he has honest heart, and he always stay positive, even he is the common enemy of whole house and getting provoked by the other members, he immediately apologizes for his mistakes, he never plans for evictions, but he still entertains too much than any of the other house member. These are only the few qualities he has. Why he can not be the winner of bigg boss this time ?. in my openion Imam is the real winner.

  • sameer

    imam is the winner

  • adil

    imam is will win

  • sameer

    imam is so innocent

  • adil

    imam is the so cool.

  • adil

    imam imam imam is the winner in b.boss 6

  • Prtz

    IMAM is the best, brave, graceful, strightforward and multi – talented. He should only win. If it’s a fair show.

    Plzzzzzzz vote for IMAM

  • Anu

    Imam will win

  • hemant


  • zaid


  • sunain

    nekitan must win the show

  • adil

    he is so cool imam u will win

  • sameer

    i like imam. i dont know when imam is going so good acting in the task given by the bigboss. y other members say’s that his acting is not good enoughf. but imam is best that others in the house he will win the game. every one is voting 4 the imam. bigboss we r watching every persons comment that imam will win.

  • adhnan

    imam is the only person in the house. whois not playing the game with members. he is good he will win the game if the show is fair. bigboss be fair .

  • adil

    imam will win the bigboss 6. he is so innocent.

  • asif

    if imam will not win the bigboss 6. i will never watch the bigboss. he will win the game

    • yahoo

      i dont know how people now days are ?They like to see other people in pain and thats entertaining .Just put yourself with Imam and then see how much we will be entertained.Everything has limits.

  • Rudra

    No doubt …Imam will win.

    • sachin

      yes boss.

  • priya

    sana khan is the winner



  • yogita

    ye show sirf kamine logo ka hai

  • katzeena

    IMAM should win because he derserves to win so plz everyone vote for him!

  • rahil

    imaam should win he is not the fake everyone is fake specialy urvasi