Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz Irani to face midnight eviction!

The diplomatic soul gets eliminated from the show at the dead of the night…

Delnaaz Irani has been riding high on viewers’ votes, as we all have seen in the charts shown in the recent episodes of Bigg Boss 6. But Ms Diplomatic will soon be asked to leave the house. Gasp! The whys and hows of it are not known as of yet. But here’s a hazy outline of how the eviction will be taking place.

Sneaky birdies have reported that Bigg Boss will instruct the housemates to gather in the garden area around midnight. Delnaaz and Rajev Paul will be told to stand on a stool and Bigg Boss will announce the eviction. Tch tch! What a blow it’s going to be, right?

As we’ve seen in the last few episodes, all the contestants have been overly confident that Delu has the highest chances of winning the sixth season of Bigg Boss. But guess the tag line of the ongoing season ‘alag che’ just refuses to conform to anything expected. Right, aren’t we, Salman Khan?

So gear up for this shocking twist in the tale that will take place tonight!