Bigg Boss 6: Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’ to be evicted tonight!

Bigg Boss 6: Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’ to be evicted tonight!

All the contestants who played safe have been nominated for mid-week eviction thanks to the twist introduced by the makers

Dinesh Lal Yadav came in for the second time as a wild card entry, but only to play boringly safe during his stay in the house of Bigg Boss 6. And if buzz is to be believed, this contestant will be out in the surprise evictions that take place today. Sigh! Are we sad? Not really.

But is Nirahua upset with this eviction? “I am not feeling bad that I have been evicted. I think if it was my time to go and the audience doesn’t want to see me anymore then its fine. I have been evicted before so I am fine with it,” the contestant said. Oh! That statement made our hearts go out for him.

Also, Yadav revealed that nothing in the show is scripted, as opposed to the rumours that have been doing the rounds. “The show is not scripted and whatever the audience sees is happening for real,” Dinesh said. Okies, we believe you, Mr Yadav.

But will anyone miss Dinesh Lal Yadav? ‘Coz he never made much noise apart from when it came to voicing his irritations against Imam Siddique, right? And that made him a very safe player. So what do you think, readers – who will miss Dinesh Lal Yadav the most, post his eviction?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Amita

    I will – he is a very nice person – I do not know why doesn’t audience save nice people. He indeed has a heart of gold. And in fact, entertaining people can only be entertaining as along as there are good non-entertainers too. With entertainers only – the show will appear noisy and not entertaining. It has to be a good mix of good and bad people because every story, every hindi soap has a hero and a villian.

    • AamirKhan

      You are rite @Amita. all stupid things going on the show. He was nice on the Show.

      • vikram

        nirahua ko nikalkar e sabit hota hai jo salman ke najdiki hoga usko nahi nikala jayega.aisa nahi hai vote to batao kitana kun paya hai samajh me aa jayega nirahua utana papular hai jab aap idhar aana to pata chal jayegaki kun hai o

        • pikesh

          big boss 6 mai ye janana chahata hoo ki aa admi vote ka vailu hai ki nahi yadi vailu hai to ye daave ke sath kah sakta hoo nirahua ko harana muskil tha .uska koyi takkar koi de sakta hai to o sidhhu jee the . fir v aap usk nikaal diye .oise insaan ko nikaal diye .jise dekhne par yah prenda milti thi ki aap kitane bade ho jaao lekin jamin rahana chahiye .koun dekhega ab bigg boos 6 .3bandar rakhe ho ye pata hai roj gaali and romance dikhne ke liye .i het bigg boos 6

          • twistedwish

            niruva was a no-man. he wasnt able to handle Imam. hahaha darwaje ke ched se dekh raha tha ki imam kya kar raha hai bahar. abe oye dinesh lal, tu kaisa mard hai be. santhosh ne tho rajee karke imam ko kiss kiya. chal tu bhi kar

            niruva ne end mei, bachne keliye imam ko dhamkiyan dene ki shuroo ki. hahahaha . helle niruva, dhamki aur tum, suit nahee kartha. waise bhi aap ke chehra iss type ke show keliye nahee

  • Amita

    People like to see both Ram and Ravan in Ramayana. Similary, people would like to see both good and bad people in the house – should show how good wins over bad. Or I guess – this is Kalyug and so are some people’s thoughts who believe in Ravan and not Ram and believe in victory of bad over good.

  • gurpreet

    Big biss evicted him not audience. The programme desperately seeks controversies. They do not have brains to make it interesting so use age old sas bahu serial type of controversies. They changed the rule to allow mahila mandal to flourish. I suggest make it all women show

  • imtiaz

    Madam its all scripted by biggboss producers…. Winner is already decided..,, its not the public votes,,

  • hiddenNAME

    I want to know who got evicted today !! ??

  • monty

    i am sure something is wrong with the show.. BB 6 is doing evictions according to its own convinence and not according to the votes of the audiances.. I bet delnaz or niketan or rajeev would win the show… Winner is fixed before the show started. Its all preplanned..
    Dinesh eviction has created doubts in minds of the people that show is scripted… This season the show is a waste..

    • kaushik aman

      u r right

    • abdul sattar

      yes dear really disappointed to see dinesh and santosh both great people evicted,they are not evicting on votes me ,my family friends 150 people voted 100 per id.thats our love for them.we love their friendship,i saw final bunch of idiots are remain there.i had tears in my eyes first time to see injustice.dedicate them there great song ,santosh shukla koriyan khari hain sansar for dinesh and santosh.dil ke sachy bb ko pasand nhy.

  • Urvashi

    Not done. dinesh should have been in the finals.
    Why BB Why?????

  • toi gongo

    I will miss him.. and I am not watching big boss anymore. our votes never count.
    hate big boss n I know for sure now that its rigged hate big boss.

  • neeraj

    koi vote mat karo apne hisab se evict karte he to hum logo ko sirf show dekhe enjoy karna h humare votes ki to koi value he nahi yha

    • deepak dahiya

      ya ur are absalutely right

  • umehani

    Raju himself is shameless man always try getting closer to girls hoe Delnaaz ignore him he keeps on trying to be on her good book.When situatin comes he cry on girls shoulders but when Imam tried to be good and kind with Raju he insult him saying he is chichora in fact Raju himself is chichora always ghusofy among girls Imam is only stupid and let himself down by offering his helping hand to contastents who ignore him as he is sadak ka kutta he should never offer his kindness ti anyone as people dosnt respect him

  • R Shiva

    All know certainly that Niketan is going to win the show.
    As he is the favorite of Ms. Katrina Kaif & she is the weakness of Mr. Sallu Bhai !

    As we know ! the Real Bigg Boss is Mr. Salman Khan himself…it’s so easy to predict the winner !

    Just hate Bigg Boss 6 ! Alag Chhe ???

    • twistedwish

      hello , when u see the episod of 19th dec. u wl realise what is niketan. real saamph. the truth detection test was conducted on 18th dec. and i hv seen it on 24/7 live telecast. pls watch 19th dec show. niketan is a lier lier lier. he lied for all questions. and red light embarrased all contestants hahahaha . no men deserves the victory this season.
      sana is the winner. real star.

  • somu verma (sam)

    i think that nirahua have to in the finals.and santosh bestof luck for your romence in bogboss home

  • deepak dahiya

    biggboss ne dinesh ko nikal kr ye prove kr diya h k is show me ache aadmiyo k lie koi space nahi h bloody biggboss.

  • deepak dahiya

    vishal & santosh best of luck 4 ur journey in biggboss

  • Urvashi

    For me dinesh is the winner. Rest are politicians.
    From now BB6 is just another saas bahu melodrama.

  • sonia srivastava

    dinesh should not go he was strong contestent… it is purly conspracy…. that meens there is no meening of public voting…

  • twistedwish

    vishal is just a fake person as other men in the house.
    in the truth detection task, u hv seen the true faces of niketan and rajeev . hahaha men dont deserve to win this season
    vishal made mawali type comments on aashka , now surviving policy!!! he never leaves sana /aashka . he sits , talks, eats etc with them only hahaha. mr. frustoo visha, we r not fools behind ur handsome body . look at ur narrow mind.
    vishal also said to salman khan , sana needs 24 hours attention and thts why she wants to talks to me. oh! come on!
    its not she vishal, its U need attention now, sana is darling of the nation. u know tht. she is already getting and got attention of the whole nation . u are behing her now hahahaha
    ppl, open ur eyes. see this fake men. sana deserves the victory. never did any mistake she is real gem

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