Bigg Boss 6: Dinesh Yadav is back!

Bhojpuri actor Dinesh Yadav aka Nirahua returns to the Bigg Boss 6 house as contestant after being the first evictee

Dinesh Yadav, who was the first contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 6, is re-entering the reality show. The Bhojpuri actor hopes to overcome his weaknesses during his second stint. “I am excited to go back into the house again. It is a great platform where you can learn so many new things. I have certainly learnt a lot in the show,” said Dinesh.

Dinesh, also popularly known as Nirahua, kept a low profile and didn’t mingle with other inmates during his earlier stay in the house. However, he hopes to overcome that this time. “I realised I have lot of weaknesses and I hope to get over them this time. I couldn’t mix well with others initially and when I started, I was voted out. This time I’ll ensure I gel well and talk to others,” he said.

“Also it will be easier for me to adjust in the house this time as everybody who is inside, they know me now, which was not the case earlier,” he added.

Asked if he is going back to the house with some strategy in mind, Dinesh said, “I am not going inside with any plans or strategies as I just want to entertain people. Everything depends upon the circumstances at a particular time. The circumstances in the Bigg Boss 6 house are similar to the ones we face in day-to-day life, so one can never plan.”

So does Dinesh hope to win the show this time? “I can’t say anything about that. Every human being has a different mindset. Anybody can win. My sole aim is to entertain people and if they are happy, I am also happy,” said Dinesh.