Bigg Boss 6: How did Navjot Singh Sidhu, Imam Siddique and Delnaaz Irani make this season ‘alag’

Posted Fri, January 11, 2013 9:30am IST

Salman Khan had promised that this season will be as alag as possible. But what all was so different this time around in the hell-hole? We take stock…

20 individuals spent eventful days locked up in the glass-walled house created by Bigg Boss 6. But while every day offered brand new opportunities to the inmates to showcase their pagalpanti, only a handful of inmates dared to take up the challenge and do the unexpected.

So what actually happened in the house that’s stayed fresh till date in our minds? Plenty. The antics of Imam Siddique make us shudder, Sana Khan and Aashka Goradia’s friendship made our eyebrows dance, families of the contestants trickling into the house made us go sniff sniff and certain pranks made us ROFL.

But we pick out the choicest of moments and bring out this gallery filled with a gamut of emotions just for you, BollywoodLifers. So go ahead, take a look and say hello to nostalgia!

So there, these were some of the big alag moments of Bigg Boss 6. Which one was your favourite?

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  • I-Man

    Imam FTW!!!!!The real alag che!!

  • minhaj

    congrats urvas je will u maff immam in real out side home real rotine life

  • dimple