Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique and Rajev Paul’s family to enter the house

It might have looked a little partial when only Delnaaz Irani and Urvashi Dholakia’s family popped into the glass-walled house. Maybe that’s why Bigg Boss is making amends

In the upcoming, you will probably witness some wonderfully mushy family moments in the house of Bigg Boss 6. And that’s because birdies chirp that Rajev Paul’s brother Rakesh Paul is all set to enter the house and spend quality time with Rajev.

But is that an indication of another finger-pointing episode, this time by Rakesh towards his ex sister-in-law Delnaaz Irani? Rakesh conveniently remains diplomatic about what to expect by saying, “I am going to meet him (Rajev), but haven’t planned anything. It depends upon the scenario there.” You really want us to believe that Rakesh, don’t you?

Anyway. It’s not only Rajev who will get to see his family, but also the desperate-to-entertain Imam Siddique who might get to hug his sister. Awwwie! Now this would be one moment where Imam wouldn’t have to act bizarre to attract attention, no? Then again, you never know what to expect when it comes to the ‘style addict’. Wink, wink.

So for now, we just gear up and look forward to this ghar ki kahaani. But not before wondering if families and friends of other contestants – Sana Khan, Vishal Karwal, Santosh Shukla, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Karishma Kotak, Aashka Goradia and Niketan Madhok – will follow suit too? What do you think, peeps, will they?