Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique calls Niketan Madhok ‘super-dry’

Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique calls Niketan Madhok ‘super-dry’

The ‘style addict’ worked up a tiny storm of oohhs and aaahhs when he entered the glass-walled house. But the proverbial cold vibes followed soon after…

Imam Siddique’s exit from the mud-house of Bigg Boss 6 must’ve been a relief for Aashka Goradia, Vrajesh Hirjee, Santosh Shukla and Dinesh Yadav. But what about the inmates of the main house – Vishal Karwal, Urvashi Dholakia, Niketan Madhok, Sana Khan, Delnaaz Irani, Rajev Paul. Karishma Kotak, Mink Brar and Sapna Bhavnani? Are they harrowed?

Well, Sapna and Delnaaz seemed elated to find Imam in the house. Karishma and Mink looked a bit skeptical, while the boys absolutely hated the fact. And contestants who were wary of Imam’s entry couldn’t help worrying when Siddique declared, and that too point blank, “I am here to play a game. If you are my friend, but if I think you can be a competitor, I will nominate you.” The Style Addict host even added, “I am here to win as I deserve Rs 50 lakh after so many years of experience in the industry.” Ahem ahem. Whatever did that mean? We have no clue, do you?

Anyway. While Imam continued with his weird antics – and the latest one includes a commentary on classical dance – he lost no time in snubbing his male co-inmates. To Niketan, he said, “You might consider yourself a supermodel but for me you are super dry!” To Rajev, the vishesh tippani was: “Whatever games you are trying to play, I’ve played those in real life and come here.” And to Vishal, all Imam had to say was, “You are too young to me in age and experience, and this is not Splitsvilla. Time for a reality check!”

Thus spoke the Bigg Boss expert aka Imam Siddique. But do you think such tall claims will bring any success to this style diva…oops…dude? Tell us what you think, readers!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • varun

    niketan is a supermodel…imam is a super loser…bloody idiot.

    • dharmendra kr

      pata nahi kyo aaise idiot ko big boss ghar me laye hai

      • wasa

        imam is rock…………..

  • RT

    Nowadays Chootiyaas also get chances to appear on TV, at 47 years of age I pity this idiot, he has to fall to this levels to garner some fame.

  • london

    Go imam u r straight on thee face,no left no rite.. u r who u r nt like the house mates who are. acting. The show has lots more entertainmnt with u… hope u r ther til the end.

  • Viv

    Urvashi is real life devil…never seen such a black heart…i my entire life

    • Deedee

      agreed Viv, she is worst example of a human being. Imam rocks!

  • Mallu Singh

    He shouldn’t have reminded Vishal of Splitsvilla.Vishal’s angry side was once seen in Roadies and boy oh boy none in this house would be able to stand upto him if he gets angry like that. I liked it when Vishal shut this psycho hijada for good straight to the face when he kept on blabbering about the big things or haiwaaniyat he did outside BB house. When punjabi puttar growled,Imam became beeghi billi !



    • Ayush

      Imam Rocks,
      leave Niketan, the door knocks
      Imam Winner,
      Housmates, you are in trouble.
      I congrats Imam on winning Big Boss in advance,
      Sari zuban per bas ek hi naam,
      Imam, Imam, …………Imam

    • Deedee

      Niketan Sher yah Urvashi ka tattoo?

  • Preejay

    I know very well soon we will realise true colors of the room mates….but buddy I really feel sorry for the mentality of aam public who enjoys at the cost of some sick person’s behaviour. Its really sad to observe people do find such shows entertaining where one psycho person disturbing ten peoples mind. Kissi ka bura hote hue dekhna ya kissi ko suffer karte hue dekhna ya kissi ka majak bante dekhna logo ko accha lag rah raha hai. This is just a mental torture and nothing else. I am sorry but such shows stricked should follow late night timings.

  • Preejay

    I really feel pity for those who supports character like Imam who is just a sick mentality. At the age of 16 he rebel with his father, who don’t have respect of his parrents how can we expect he will behave like normal person. Under the name of entertainment he is just irritating viewers nothing else. He is psycho patient and need to take action against him. If he is really a smart player then he should be winner of the show so lets see where he lands up in next few days. Good luck who supports Imam and please do keep voting for him. But for me he is absolutely crap and dust which need to throw away immdiately out of the house before he spoils the environment. And if Salman is real hero and have dignity he should take this matter up with channels to throw him out in stead of playing with mind of other room mates.

  • Minhajuddin

    salman bhai maiy aap kaa bahoot bada fain hoo….. ilyou bhai meara nam Minhajoddin

  • Huma

    Niketan madhok my favrate.Ilove you nik

  • Mahek neha sana zeba

    Niketan vgood man .Reall hero.Iwish ki niketan winner ho.Bb6 mein niketan na ho toh koi yeh show na dekhe.

  • TraCy

    Nik is an awesome guy. I love his nature.
    People totally judge him wrong.
    His calmness n sexy devilish nature is something
    For inmates to worry about ;)

  • mohdamair

    hi imam i like you so much because App har ek ki asliyat mahrai sam ne rahki App zaroo getain gai mere number hai 7702064681

  • Deepak dhami

    I think shana was so beautiful but i hate karishma

  • usha govindraj


    In today’s episode i.e 10/12/2012 bigg boss had given a khufiya kary to Urvashi. But bigg boss knew very well, that
    there is going to be extremely negative atmosphere and

  • Deedee

    love love love Imam! He is awesome!

  • zaib

    Imam is a very honest man

  • Seema .

    Niketan hi sacha insaan hai.Jo ek sher ki tarah game khel raha hai.Baki vishal sana ke sath jhoti love story bnane .Kuch bhi kahe koi sach toh yeh hai.Smart ek hi boy hai bb6 mein woh hai niketan madhok.Hum toh bb6 niketan ki vajah se hi dekhte hai..Winner toh niketan ko hi hona chaiye.Sacha khiladi toh woh hi hai..Urvashi ka tatoo nahi .Woh urvashi ka sacha friend hai..Use kisi ka tatoo bane ki zarorat hi nahi hai..Jo sacha hota hai use kisi ki zarorat nahi hoti hai.Uper wala sath jo hota hai.Iwish ke niketan hi winner ho.Loue u nik

  • priyanka

    jo bi imam ko kehte hai ki imam rocks n he is good unhe imam ke sath 1 din rehne ke liye bhej do..fir dekhte hain hw gud they find him

  • Nisha surbhi

    Niketan rock bb6 ka house mad karke hi dam lita hai.Par jis tarah se niketan ne fightin na ki achi tarah se imam ko handle kiya mana padega ke khubsorat logo ke paas dimag hota hai..Nik ki smile so cute im big fan niketan madhok super model ke sath sath ek acha insan bhi hai

  • Zoya khan

    I hope niketan hi win ho we love u nik

  • Zeshan ahmed(doctor)

    Niketan ko hi bb6 ka win hona chaiye.

  • Jiya seghal

    Niketan ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you.Delnaz ihate you

  • Seema

    Niketan super model hai.Imam super dry hai.Vishal out ho gaya im happy.Ek dam boring tha.Bekar ki zabardasti ki love story bna raha tha niketan hi winner hai bb6 ka

  • Neha khan

    Niketan karishma ki love story dekhaye..Niketan ka zyada dikhaye.Sana ki ashika ki love story dekhane ki bajaye.Love u niketan

  • Poja priya

    Niketan kuch kehta nahi .Toh nainsafi kiye ja rahe ho.Sab ki sab gharwalo ko apni family friend se milaya.Kisi ko apni mother se baat krai.Niketan ko apni family se nahi milaya.So cute niketan ki khamoshi bhi achi lagti hai.Uski smile uska baat karne ka andaz ab ki baar bb6 mein ek sacha aur best khiladi aya hai.Im big fan niketan agar tumhare siva koi yeh show jetenga toh galat hoga.Hero to tum hi ho.Winner toh niketan ko hi hona chaiye.Ilove you niketan

  • john steef

    imam is most funy man, i like the way he play the game rest of the people come here for have food and sleep not more then that

  • Simran bhatiya.

    Ilove niketan bb6 ka winner niketan madhok hi hona chaiye.Bb6 ka hot intelagent handsom good loking smart ek toh hai ghairwala super model niketan madhok ilove u niketan

  • Neha khan

    12,1,2013 bigg boss6 ka winner hai niketan madhok oh gud my dream sahi ho jaye..Niketan hi win ho.Ilove you niketan

  • Raja Lohiya

    Imam the winner. A true entertainer. What do the viewers want from such realty shows, Entertainment.. And that’s provided by Imam. He is not playing politics as he doesn’t even seem to know that word. He is just being naive, kiddish, free hearted, stupid in many way but still funny. Where as Rajiv, Sana and gang is literally behaving as retards.


    Imam is cool . the way salman is doing the show i not very fair now .

  • Aditya

    Dear Author,
    I Hope you might have seen the finals and hav now realised wat Imam is. Though he has behaved very rude in show, i think he has proved that he is ALAG CHE. I dont like him much but the way he performed his tasks he proved tat he is way betr than rajev, niketan and vishal. Thankyou. Waiting for ur reply. Bye.