Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique, Rajev Paul and Urvashi Dholakia escape nominations

The three contestants, who have a knack of getting on to everyone’s nerves and got the maximum number of votes during the nominations, are safe this week. Read on to know why…

Bigg Boss 6 recently witnessed an interesting twist. It all began with Sapna Bhavnani, who is the captain of the week, taking up Bigg Boss’ role and asking the contestants who they would like to nominate for eviction. And as expected, most of the house members votes for Imam Siddique, Urvashi Dholakia and Rajev Paul.

But guess what? According to the twist that the Bigg Boss introduced, the housemates with the least number of votes faced eviction, instead of the most-voted ones. Whoa! Why? Probably because the most-voted members are the ones that make the show entertaining and amp up the TRPs. Remember how Imam, of all the people, won Rs 5 lakhs for keeping the audiences entertained by his antics?

So inmates who played safe (read: boring) and who behaved themselves – like Delnaaz Irani, Dinesh Lal Yadav and Santosh Shukla – will have to face the eviction this week.

Well, we totally agree with this twist. Do you, readers? And who do you think is the most boring amongst Delnaaz, Dinesh and Santosh?