Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique, Rajev Paul, Vishal Karwal, Niketan Madhok or Santosh Shukla – who will get evicted this Friday?

Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique, Rajev Paul, Vishal Karwal, Niketan Madhok or Santosh Shukla – who will get evicted this Friday?

Girl power surely rules in this glass-walled house…and how! This week, all the men have been nominated for eviction. But who do you think will be shown the door?

Lots of tears were shed – especially by Sapna Bhavnani and Vishal Karwal – when Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’ got evicted yesterday evening. And soon after the sob-fest in Bigg Boss 6, the inmates were called in to give their nominations. While Sana Khan emerged as everyone’s favourite, Delnaz too got high number of votes and became safe.

Sapna was asked to exercise her power as captain and save three others. She chose to save the remaining girls – Aashka Goradia, Urvashi Dholakia and Karishma Kotak. As a result all the men got nominated for eviction that will take place on Friday.

So it’s decided that one of the five dudes – Imam Siddique, Vishal Karwal, Rajev Paul, Niketan Madhok and Santosh Shukla – will get voted out. But who do you think is in real danger? Will it be the bizarrely entertaining Imam, the chocolate boy Vishal, the over-emotional Rajev, the model-guy Niketan or the coquettish Santosh?

Surely, it’s time to wait and watch as the women rejoice their ‘safe’ status. But till then you tell us people – who do you think will get evicted on Friday?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Preejay

    Names in order to be evicted:

    1. Vishal: Shamless lazy creature
    2. Sanotsh: Pevert
    3. Imam: Bad choice entertainer & ill minded crook
    4. Rajeev: Good to be there but not to be the winner
    5. Niketan: Only man to deserve to be the winner

    • ayaan

      vishal and sontosh might go imam is very very good entertianer.

    • ravi thakur

      Right Bro……..
      Only man to deserve to be the winner

      • aisha

        vishal is best nd i think yahi ak mard mujhe is ghar me lagta hai baqi tau sare lallo panjo he

  • Urvashi

    vishal, santosh or imam might go cause and Rajiv seem to have strong connections.

  • Urvashi

    vishal, santosh or imam might go cause nik and Rajiv seem to have strong connections.

  • Urvashi

    Nik and Rajiv seem to have strong connections. So one of the other 3 cold go out.

  • naim ahmad

    imam is the best entertainer

  • jahnvi

    If Imam evicts then i would stop wathing BIGG BOSS cause nothing entertaining would be left.

  • sunain

    niketan should win the show love u niketannnnnnnnnnn god bless uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    • XXX


  • Chris

    Imam is very popular among public so he is safe.
    Rajiv will be safe coz there will be a sort of drama as far as Delnaaz and Rajiv are together on show.
    Niketan deserves to win the show and has a sound presence in BB house.
    Santosh is pervert and is only gaining attention by his Tharkipan.
    Vishal has no presence in BB house and only cam to limelight after he and Sana had a patch up. He should be evicted.

  • alokesh

    imam is strong person in bigboss-6,he must deserve for final stage.ofcourse niketan and rajeev may step at one position

    • sonam

      imam is fudu person in this home ok

  • Rakesh

    I want Vishal to be evicted..he is absolutely oppurtunist and escapes his chores…

  • dipnita sharma

    Vishal tried to use sana for his stay in the house,,but due to his lazy streak could not pursue her. Any way he is boring … I love Niketan,he is mature and sensible guy…he should win the show for sure…

  • Sumita

    I want Niketan and Vishal to go. Santosh and Imam is okay. But I think Rajiv should win

    • ravi thakur

      Niketan aur Vishal kya tumhari gand maar rahe hai…..

  • guestt

    Santosh NEEDS to go: MEGA CREEP. Theres a difference from being a flirt and being a pervert.

    I actually like Vishal so…I dont want him to go.

    And, Imam is absolutely IRRITATING.

  • sanjenaa

    nikatan must go.

  • sunain

    i think imam should go from the show nekitan should stay in the house plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for him……..

  • Arun

    Hi all, yaar i think santosh shukla jee ka time aa gya hai…very boring and aapne dekha hoga BB house me girls kaise avoid krti h usko…jo house me reh kr unko impress nhi kr sakta to public ko kya krega…
    Rajiv- ek week aur rukega ..per agla number rajeev bhai ka hai
    Imam – ye kuch din aur rukega abhi , kyoki fresh hai aur TV pe pehli baar aaya hai and energetic bhi hai..drama bhi create kr skta hai anytime

    Vishal- eske bare me itna keh sakta ki agar ye lazyness chod de to abhi bhi show jeet sakta hai….ladkiya ke votes uski ko jayenge

    Niketan – ye kafi diplometic hai .. per 4 week bache hai..aur use apni startegy badlni padegi..haan per wo wineer to nho ho sakta …

  • Aamir

    in single word as Salman Bhai is Real Tiger of B town in same way The Great IMAM is Real Tiger of Big Boss…

    Hey IMAM U R REAL…..

  • elodie

    Some people have got some really bad choice here …
    Any one who wants imam to win is an ABSOLUTE SHAME ….

    We all know he’s playing games … He’s NO ENTERTAINER …
    he tries to provoke the members of the house …

    He’s not someone I would like to see in the final …

    I think if someone here deserve to stay and win is NIKETAN … Everyone in this house plays games to stick to the finals, Most ppl think he’s … Well if he is he is a Good Player .. BUT FOR ME HE’S GENUINE, he always nominate ppl for the right reasons… keep on the good job …

    • Preejay

      I totally agree with you. It’s really below dignity to have a choice of Imam as a winner. Neither he is an entertainer nor a player.

      According to me Niketan, Sapna or Delnaaz should be the final winner.

  • ankush kaith

    imam is king of big boss .shimla distt k sub log imam ko vote karte hai drama crate hona chaeya bhai logo tub enterten milta hai vo sirf imam he kar sakta hai i love imam

  • shaik abdul rahmam

    aslkum salaman khan sir I am big fan for u our mai bigboss ka har show deakta ho veshan g keyu karishama ko perpos nahi ker ta mai appana andaz mai kehana chata ho
    kuch too bhakee hai mera dost

  • alokesh

    imam siddiqui is the big person must win bigboss trophy in the year 2013 ,he is good person natural reality shown,i am not only but who is viewing this serial must be known that imam is real man

  • alokesh

    imam siddiqui will win big boss title .if imama is in trp must be going up,so do not evict imam any how

  • ankush

    only Imam siddque Real hero big boss house. Rajiv imam bhai ko ba vaja gale marte rahta hai kya kare yaar ager imam bhai ke gagha apun hota na Rajiv ke to vahe par phar k rakta . dum hai Rajiv vishal say panga la …. plz vote for Imam bhai plz plz plz….