Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique thrown out for shedding his clothes

The style expert was spotted doing bizarre antics in the mud house. Want to know what all he was up to? Read on…

As host of Style Addict on UTV Stars, Imam Siddique is known for dishing out style tips. But what the hell happened to his poise inside the house of Bigg Boss 6?

For starters, Imam developed a knack of irking Aashka Goradia minutes after entering the show. And as if their constant bickering wasn’t reason enough for us to change the channel, Imam decided to wear a skin coloured body suit and act like a tiger. While there was a flimsy jockey concealing his nether regions initially, after a while Siddiqui did away with that too. Imagine the horrors!

And then – cherry on top – was when Imam took to breaking every ceramic and earthen utensil he could get his hands on. Sigh! Do you think Bigg Boss could have endured any more of this disgusting behaviour? Well, we couldn’t. And just when we were about to flip to something more…errr…soothing, BB instructed Imam Siddique to leave the house. Phew! Good riddance, we say. What say you, readers?