Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique to enter the main house

The most quirky contestant in the mud-house was teased, provoked and insulted by its residents. Is it going to be any different in the glass-walled neighbourhood?

Imam Siddique made a dramatic exit a week ago after bawling loudly and breaking crockeries in the mud house of Bigg Boss 6. Alas, only to re-enter the mud house some days later. It looks like Bigg Boss was hell-bent upon cashing in on Imam’s weird ways. And so, the differently-styled guy is back…and how!

As expected, Imam wasted no time in irking his co-inmates once he stepped in. The contestants soon realised that it’s Siddique’s way of grabbing attention. And so, Vrajesh Hirjee, Santosh Shukla and Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirahua decide to shower all their attention on this man. Albeit, in a very nasty way. So we see Imam getting provoked, teased and insulted by these three men in the house, while Aashka Goradia quietly listens (and sheds tears, sigh!) from the confines of her room.

But where will all this lead to? No, Imam won’t get thrown out from the mud house for the second time. Instead, he will find a place in the glass-walled. Ha! And if the news makes you gasp loudly, hear this – Sapna Bhavnani will be elated to see Imam in the house!

Whoa! We are aware of Sapna’s outburst, aren’t we? Now add Imam’s weird tadka to that. What do we get? Soaring TRPs! And perhaps a worn-out Salman Khan. Hehehe. So stay clued in to this very space, peeps, to find out how craziness starts oozing out of the walls of Bigg Boss 6.

But while we wait for Imam and Sapna to celebrate their union, tell us: Are you happy about Imam Siddique entering the main house?


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