Bigg Boss 6: Mink Brar and Vrajesh Hirjee evicted from the house!

The two contestants were shown the exit door on the elimination episode of the show

Vrajesh Hirjee and Mink Brar got the opportunity to hug and greet Salman Khan as they finally said goodbye to their friends in the Bigg Boss 6 house. Vrajesh had recently shifted from the padosi house to the main Big Boss abode. But unfortunately he couldn’t extend his stay any longer. Hirjee’s journey in the house came to an end after an elimination process in which all the contestants were nominated this week. Mink Brar had entered the show as a wild card participant. And just when Ms Brar had settled in the house and had started enjoying the company of Urvashi Dholakia and Niketan Madhok, the babe was asked to leave the house. During her stay, Mink had an ugly fight with Rajev Paul, which had resulted in the two not being in good terms. The model recently said in an interview that she thinks Aashka is the most negative person on the show. And we thought she loathed Rajev the most in BB6!

The show is getting interesting with every passing day, with Imam at his entertaining best and Aashka as always crying at the drop of a hat. We wait to see who bids goodbye to the show next week…