Bigg Boss 6: Mink Brar to replace Karishma Kotak

Bigg Boss 6: Mink Brar to replace Karishma Kotak

Owing to the shocking sudden death of Karishma Kotak’s father, the model turned actor will be replaced in the Bigg Boss house by controversial small time actor Mink Brar

It has indeed been a very sad departure for Karishma Kotak from the house in Big Boss 6. The model turned actor quit the show last night on account of the death of her father, who was critically ill with liver sclerosis.

But as the adage goes – the show must go on. And the makers of Bigg Boss 6 have already decided who will be entering the house as a contestant in Karishma‘s place. Small time actor Mink Brar, who is known to be the subject of various controversies and has apparently played a crucial role in the American soft porn flick Desert Rose will join the other housemates on Saturday.

Mink, who was discovered by Dev Anand and launched in the 2003 blink and miss Pyar Ka Tarana is a regular fixture on the page 3 circuit, and was also in the news for misbehaving with Customs authorities at the airport not too long ago. Well, things may sure heat up quite a bit from now on in the house after Mink’s entry! Check in for more in this, BollywoodLifers…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Parul

    Dear Salman Love your show.have been watching for the last four years, there has been times were I felt sorry for the house mate BUT this time Sapna has made me cry I feel sooooo sorry for her how Sampat used her and then had the cheek to nominate her.Sapna is a very strong person please don’t break her inner soul I hope you keep her in the house till the end.

    • chandan singh

      hallo bhay i had that u r not will soon and make rock in the show