Bigg Boss 6: Niketan Madhok becomes the first finalist of this season!

The lean model won the dodge-the-electric-wires competition and earned his place as the captain of the house for the next two weeks. How does that affect his chances of winning the sixth season? Read on to find out!

Yesterday, in the house of Bigg Boss 6 we saw inmates making their way through a maze of electric wires. Deal was to cross this maze in the shortest possible time. And Niketan Madhok, after getting ‘shocked’ a couple of times managed to do it in merely 17 seconds.

So, for completing the task and that too in a jiffy, Bigg Boss appointed him as the captain of the house for the next couple of weeks and also declared that Mr Tall is now the first member to make it to the list of finalists in Bigg Boss 6.

Now does that hint towards his victory in this season of Bigg Boss? Who knows! But predictions from all over are indicating that Niketan’s stars are indeed in his favour and astrologers opine that he will – most probably – end up winning Bigg Boss 6.

What’s more, Niketan himself is of the opinion that he, of all other contenders, truly needs the prize money because his family is currently going through a financial crisis. Madhok was heard telling Delnaaz Irani and Aashka Goradia, “I have not bought a new car for the past eight years.” Sigh!

But, dear BollywoodLifers, do you really think Niketan Madhok has it in him to win this season of Bigg Boss 6? Tell us what you think!