BIGG BOSS 6 promo: Salman Khan opens the door for the aam aadmi

But is that a guarantee for a clean and cuss-word free family watch?

Ambala ki Aamna and Kanpur ke Khanna are gearing up to take part in the sixth season of Bigg Boss, or so says Salman Khan. But as we ready ourselves to watch the aam aadmi get into this house which has been reported as being ‘crazy and insane’ by adult star Sunny Leone, we wonder about what to expect.

For starters, there’s a sauve looking Salman Khan with a French beard (we like!) who walks in with élan through the blue bulbs in the promo. And then there’s the mention of the aam aadmis and aurats who are coaxed to sms if they wish to take part. Now that’s new, right?

And it makes us wonder what kind of common man will get an entry ticket to this house. The doors are closed to anyone with a criminal (or, er, political) record, perhaps. But will the selections also demand for character certificates and cross-references? Maybe.

But what’s all this fuss around going ‘clean’? C’mon, going by the format we know there are going to be those frustrated fights and its obvious that at some point the tempers will shoot up more than just once. So will the show be successful in barring the inmates – weary of being locked up with strangers for so long – from using swear words and funny antics to grab attention or votes?

Guess we’ll wait to find out whether the Bigg Boss 6 host manages to stick to his ‘clean’ vision or whether this season (again) too is full of murky fights that are synonymous with this reality show.

Watch the first promo of Bigg Boss 6!

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