Bigg Boss 6: Rajev Paul and Niketan Madhok manipulate captain elections

Posted Wed, November 21, 2012 7:30pm IST

Captaincy is the ultimate privilege to receive living in such restrictive conditions, and all the contestants are desperate to grab the chair

The captain of the Bigg Boss 6 house has to be selected and almost everyone is up to grab the position, for all the perks it offers. New to the house, Vishal Karwal expresses a desire to be the captain and Karishma Kotak too harbours the same dream.Karishma approaches Niketan Madhok for his advice considering he was once a captain – not that he was any good at it. Niketan and Urvashi Dholakia bitch about Vishal’s high hopes of becoming a captain, and how they think he should not be allowed since he has just entered the game. While Niketan and Urvashi are busy playing politics, Rajev Paul is poisoning Sana Khan’s mind against Vishal, and how he is now getting too close to Karishma. Guess Rajev is jealous of all the attention the new entrant is getting. But whether there’s anything brewing between Karishma and Vishal is something we are unaware of.

Rajev then approaches Niketan to discuss captaincy. The boys decide that this week they will do whatever it takes to manipulate the elections. How political! When Delnaaz Irani hears the names of those standing for election, she decides to stand as well, for the sake of healthy competition. Someone ought to tell Delu that competition and politics is really not the same thing.

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  • Sudha Menon

    I regularly watch big boss.From the day one I wanted to comment about both Aaskha & Delnaaz.In my opinion both of them can’t control their emotions. Both of them are smart & shrewd one is cashing her divorce and the other her tears

    • moonlite

      I guess Rajiv Paul is one of the most hideous person in the show…he doesn’t respect anyone and feels like he’s the best, when infact he’s the worst kind of a person anyone would like to be with, Hats off to delu who tolerated him for 14 yrs!!

  • Muskan

    Bigg boss6 ka kya bora time aagaya hai.Jo mink jaise ladke ko nikal kar.Santosh jaise sand ko rakha hai.Im said niketan tum se acha pyara insan bigg boss6 mein koi nahi ilove you nik

  • Muskan .Seema.Riya.Priyanka

    Niketan best hai.Jo ek sacha insan hai.Delnaz ki tarah dikhava nahi karta.Delnaz moti apne aap ko winner samajh rahi hai.Ek no ki lozer hai.Asli winner bb6 ka hamari nazar mein niketan hai.My hero niketan

  • Hena neha

    My favrate show.Im regulari watch.My favarate niketan madhok jo ek sacha game khel raha hai..Karishma uski girlfriend hone ke bawajod dikhava nahi kar raha hai….Kisi girl ko bora nahi kar raha..Smart handsom good looking .Man im big fan per big boss mein zyada nahi bta rahe hai niketan ka.Hum khas karke niketan ke liye yeh show dekhte hai.Faltu dikhaye par niketan ka nahi.Please yaar tv actor ka derama dikhane ki alava niketan ka dikhaye.

  • Surbhi.

    My favrate niketan please bigg boss niketan ka zyada dikhaye.

  • Nigar shivi megha naziya soha misha

    Niketan ke liye hum log subah se bb6 ka wait karte.Par aap niketan ka bhaut kam dikhate hai..Aur hamein uski smile bhaut achi lagti hai.Aur jab woh mere ko bolta hai woh bhi acha lagta hai.

  • devesh

    yaar wo motiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii delnaz bas acchi hone ka dikhava karti hai asal ka man with charm to niketan hai