Bigg Boss 6: Rajev Paul to be evicted tonight!

Bigg Boss 6: Rajev Paul to be evicted tonight!

The ‘angry man’ will soon follow his ex-wife out of the house

For all those who are staring with their mouths wide open, don’t be surprised because today is the ‘eviction day’ in Bigg Boss 6. Remember? And the one to be voted out this time around is Rajev Paul. But while our heart does a tiny jig at this news – coz hey, no more endless muttering now! – we also feel sad that the entertainment quotient will dip a little. Why? Who will fight and irk Imam Siddique now?

But as we inch closer and closer to the finale, with Imam enemies getting evicted, we can’t help but wonder if the ‘style addict’ will indeed emerge as a winner. But more speculation over that one later.

For now, all we know is Rajev Paul will have to leave the house as a result of the Friday evictions. And tell us: Does that make you happy, peeps?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sweety

    So happy his gone really hope sana wins now dont want urvashi or nikiten to win this show x

    • Syed

      Imam is rare talent … imam should win

  • Cyan

    Yes Sanaa or imam should win this game not the back stabbed
    Vamp urvashi dol Kia kia and mr misna super dry model niketen. After coming out from bigg boss house niketen and urvashi should get hooked. After getting physical to imam bigg bos should throw niketen out from the house.

  • Rihana

    Hate SANA KHAN!!!!!! She’s da biggest dumbest blonde ever!!!! Imam is such a haivaan!!! Nik and urvashi true winners and completely deserving!!

    • shams

      yes she is

  • swarnali

    lf lmaan emerges out as the winner den im not watching bigg-boss season 7 atall.a horrific , liar , imposter can never ever b the winner.he is nothing but a fake .

    • Priyanka

      That is not true at all. Imam is an entertainer. The show would have been boring without him. Love you IMAM. Hope and pray you win

    • Raj

      I’ve watched the show from the very beginning and it was like a 4 on 10 before imam made it to the show. Its gotten interesting only and only and only because of Imam. Take imam out and teh show would have become a booooring soap opera with love triangles. Like do we really care how lousy delnaaz and sana’s choice in men is? I’d rather just watch imam scare the crap our of looser rajev.

  • shalini

    Imanam should win the show…..biggest entertainer evr

  • zaid

    now this is agame played by the great imam ,rajiv ghar jao
    imam tum jeet jao

  • manish gulati

    Imam u r winner & allah aap kay sath hai all the best

  • shams

    imam u r the winner all the best

  • shams

    Rajeev Paul have to leave house

  • smile

    GOOOD rajev paul is evicted .. he is such a desperate looser.. god knws wht he was trying to prove being close to sana :p
    imam does not deserve to be the winner as he is in the house for 50 days whereas other are for 96 days .. it should be a fair call.

  • Adnan

    Imam iz real entertainer and very intelligent as well as smart and fashion icon…he only deserve to win in real way….. Urvashi iz real vamp and never deserve to win….if imam didn’t win then bigboss6 is fake….niketan iz real snake and sana is useless dumb creep…love u imam real hero of India……..

    • preeti

      I toatally agree with u Adnan.Thanks for saying all that i felt abt the contestants,IMAM RoCKS.

  • Tasneem

    Imaam u deserve to win… U r a true entertainer..

  • Ram kant mishra

    Mr.RAjev paul good parsn & good parsnalti

  • saman khan

    good news..that rajeev chhichora is evicted..i like it mugambo khush hua..winer is Imam only

  • Amar K Singh

    prologue – epilogue : Bigg Boss

    Although, I am not an ardent viewer of TV shows but I had been regularly following Bigg Boss 6. At time, it appears that show is scripted and if this is true, my kudos to the writer who scripted IMAM, else my heartiest appreciation to creativity of actor for playing that role.

    Before I comment further, I wish to share the concept of “Bigg Boss”, as I perceive. For me Bigg Boss can be no other than “Almighty” and His house is this universe, where we all live. The show portraits us and depicts our actions on small screen where some celebrities & Aam Admi represents us. Thus it is no surprise when at times; I correlate my self with character A or B or C in various episodes. The show is all about happier days, shadow moods and testing times. It resembles our life which has joyous moments besides turbulent phases.

    The show exposes our masks, through which we hide our real self. Imam is a character which peals off that mask but as ugly humans… as we are… we reprimand him by immediately wearing another mask, rather than fortifying our selves to face such catastrophes. The life can never be bed of roses but it will have to face emotional tsunami of different magnitude during our life span.

    Imam is a Hurricane Sandy, which hit the shore of Bigg Boss. He had been provoking the residents and all of them, I mean all, had handed their emotional cum temper remote to him. He had claimed that he was playing game and displayed his creativity to be the centre of attraction without destroying any articles but our ego. He outplayed everybody resultantly, all played equally negative as they started abusing or slapping his effigy instead of being in state of preparedness to face this hurricane. None other than Imam had courage to forgive on dooms day (96th). He displayed the unenthusiastic role to demonstrate the negativities which we all carry within us. Take out Imam and the show becomes dull. For a villain, abuses are the biggest reward. He may not win the prize but he is a winner, as he was able to rip of the masks to display the fractured personalities of the so called “Humans”.

    Indeed a great show; which makes my faith stronger in our Bigg Boss because:

    I asked for Courage
    ……………….And God gave me Obstacles to overcome.

    I asked for Love
    …………….And God gave me Troubled people to help.

    I asked for Strength
    ………….And God gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

    I asked for Wisdom
    ……………….And God gave me Problems to solve.

    I asked for prosperity
    …………..And God gave me a Brain and Brawn to work.

    I asked for Favors
    …………………And God gave me Opportunities.

    I received nothing I wanted
    …………….….But I received Everything I needed.

    Amar K Singh

  • reshma kadri

    i dont like rajeev poul.use nominet kar do.

  • sana

    M soooooooooooooo glad atlast that irritating Rajeev have been kicked out of house,hats of to Delnaaz hw she stayed with him for last 14 yrs .

  • chinki

    i just cant understand hw sana can like the old man (rajeev) he is not even good looking and not even well mannered,sorry sana u really have a very bad taste.

  • preetti

    Sorry to say hw u people have been bought up hw u can hit on anyone’s statue,thats too bad but sorry with that ur all frustation was not been seen at all but ur insecurity jealous,was shown especially Urvashi.

  • preeti

    IMAM u will win all the best,may the bounty hand of lord b upon u and only u love u IMAM,IMAM,IMAM,IMAM,IMAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    • imam

      u r mad

  • ankita

    urvashi should win.

  • khan

    imam is a real hero of the show, jo b bolta hai sab k samne bolta hai. sab ki poonge bajade, rajeev to 1 no ka luccha hai
    imam vi win aalag 6.

  • Righa

    I wanted Rajeev to winn :(