Bigg Boss 6: Rajev Paul to sue Delnaaz Irani for defamation?

In a recent twist in the glass-walled house, we witnessed Delu’s mommy nominating her daughter’s ex-husband for flirting with Sana Khan. So is it going to get a lot murkier now? We wonder…

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 6, we again witnessed a family drama and a twist in the tale. The families of the inmates had to drop into the confession room to name that one contestant who had given their bachchas a pretty hard time.

And so, understandably, when Delnaaz Irani’s mommy was asked to nominate one person, she voted for Rajev Paul. Why? ‘Coz he was flirting with Sana Khan and also because he had not done anything worthwhile in the industry as yet (no, we aren’t saying it. Mrs Irani is!).

But after ex-mom-in-law left the hell-hole, a furious Rajev confronted Delu and blamed her family for defaming him on national television. According to him, Delu and her brother Bakhtiyaar Irani too hadn’t managed to make it big in the industry; so it was not fair on part of Delu’s mother’s to speak about Rajev in this derogatory manner.

What’s more, Rajev also threatened Delu with a defamation suit and revealed that a clause in their divorce judgment stated that neither of them will speak ill about each other once they are separated. And apparently, Delu’s family had crossed the line. Sigh!

But what do you think, readers: Has Delnaaz Irani’s family really defamed Rajev Paul?