Bigg Boss 6: Salman Khan finds out what makes Aseem Trivedi so benevolent!

The cartoonist, who happened to be Sapna Bhavnani’s best friend on the show, was evicted. So did he share any controversial secrets with Sallu on Super Saturday? Find out!

This weekend we saw an eager Salman Khan waiting for cartoonist Aseem Trivedi to step onto the stage and into the interrogation box. Why? Only to find out the raaz behind Aseem’s benevolent nature and his unshakable belief in his fellow contestants . So did our Dabangg Khan succeed in getting the khufiya facts out of the cartoonist? Perhaps.

After trying to instigate Aseem by asking pointed question about his best friend Sapna Bhavnani when Sallu failed to get any agitated replies, do you know what he did? Salman tactfully asked for Aseem’s spectacles. And while we wondered what’s up, it turned out that it was this pair of rosy coloured (figuratively, of course!) glasses that held the big secret behind the fairies and angels existing in Aseem’s life. Why, after wearing them even Salman felt like he was surrounded by loving and un-scheming people. Hehehe!

But while Aseem tried his best to stay mum about Sapna, Salman didn’t miss any chance of taking digs at his favourite (pun intended) female contestant; no points for guessing why. What’s more, he kept coaxing Aseem to advice Sapna to calm down. Finally, Mr Trivedi did just as he was told to do, maybe only to get off Salman’s hook. Ahem ahem. Right, Aseem? And are you satisfied now, Sallu?

Anyway. In the end, all we can say is that this Saturday’s episode was a bit of a disappointment. No sensational revelations and no fights. But yes, there was a certain Dolly Bindra and another lady called  Shweta Tiwari who shared the stage with Salman Khan. But alas, even they were allotted different time slots and we missed seeing the two sworn-enemies come face-to-face as guests this time around. Wassup, Bigg Boss? Bored of controversies, are you?