Bigg Boss 6: Salman Khan-Sapna Bhavnani at war!

We mentioned in passing how the hairstylist responded violently to Sallu’s remarks during the elimination episode when Sayantani Ghosh was sent home. But what actually happened? Read on to find out…

The contestants of Bigg Boss 6 are finding it very difficult to stick to the nomination rules – thanks to Navjot Singh Sidhu? And that has been causing a lot of friction between the makers of this television show and the inmates. So during the last eliminations, Salman Khan decided to have a frank chat with the residents and tell them how tampering with the rules is a complete no-no.

“Even in cricket, the players do not get to bend the rules while they are playing the game, right?” Salman asked Sidhu in an attempt to get his point across and added that the players have to take it in the right spirit, ‘coz in the end there’s going to be only one winner.

Responding to this hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani said, “I am not here to win the competition.” In the verbal duel that followed, Sallu commented that the Bigg Boss house is not a resort and people come here to play and win a game. But Sapna firmly stood her ground and maintained that she only wanted to get her message regarding women’s liberation across. We are told that she even made cutting remarks about how Sallu was a woman-beater, and followed it up by the choicest cuss-words and told him that she would buy his paintings and present them to him if she won the show. Reportedly, Sapna had also said, “Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati kartye rahe har Friday. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bullshit sunti rahoongi har Friday?” But most of the ugly spat was edited out by the makers.

In the next episode we see Sapna bawling about how she really wants to leave the house and it’s only fair that they allow her to do so, instead of eliminating contestants like Sayantani Ghosh, who wanted to stay in. Here Aseem Trivedi tries to talk her out of her rebellious attitude, but the look on Sapna’s face shows that she is in no mood to listen.

Anyway, all this has an adverse effect on everyone as Bigg Boss introduces a ‘rajneeti’ task and declares that two, not one of the contestants would be eliminated in the coming week. Who is to blame – Sapna Bhavnani?

While we wait to see how the host gets back at the miffed hairstylist – if he ever does, that is – tell us, readers, whose side are you on: Salman Khan or Sapna Bhavnani?