BIGG BOSS 6: Sana Khan beats Aashka Goradia in the hottest babe poll

BIGG BOSS 6: Sana Khan beats Aashka Goradia in the hottest babe poll

The actor from South emerged as the clear winner, but others didn’t lag far behind either. Read on for more juicy updates!

We conducted a pretty fiery poll on who was the hottest babe of Bigg Boss 6. And we had names like Sana Khan, Urvashi Dholakia, Aashka Goradia, Mink Brar, Karishma Kotak, Delnaaz Irani, Sapna Bhavnani, and finally – the icing on top – Imam Siddique. And while Sana emerged as a clear winner with 39.66% votes, at the other end, Imam too didn’t disappoint with 0.91% votes. Chalo, at least someone thinks that Imam is a babe. Wink, wink.

And while we weren’t very hopeful about Aashka’s babelicious appeal, it turned out that she is the second most favourite babe of the house. Whoa! Now that’s some surprise, isn’t it? Did the tears and damsel-in-distress attitude do the trick? Most probably.

On the third position stands Karishma Kotak with a humble 19.25% votes. But this babe got the maximum number of comments as her fans went gaga over her innocent looks.

So folks, stay clued in to this space for more happenings in the house of Bigg Boss. And yeah, don’t forget to tell us about your take on the poll results. Ciao!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • CommentsShouldBeAnonymous

    She’s an actress, not an actor. This politically correct speech is getting nauseating.

  • biggbosswatcher

    In what way is she hott? Both luk like dirty ,full of make up smelly women…i wonder when will aashka take her wigg off..n take a bath…plzz that is needed…

  • sunain

    aashka u r superb u should win the show……………. love u so much

  • sana khan

    she had every quality wot needed in a girl. a sexy body + good heart. :*

  • Rekha

    I luv d way u r……AASHKA… I jus pray u win d show : ) : ) : )

  • candy

    aashka yaar plz plz for godsake… kabhi toh khud k alawa dusro ka socha… doin such kind of dramabazi u wont b winning d show…. ur crying wont effect ppl nymore… selfish brat..

  • disha

    i love sana khaan she is d best

  • sunain

    aashka should win the show,i think urvashi is useless contestant……….. in bigg bosss

  • sunain

    aashka is such a nice an beautiful girl plz vote for her god bless u aashu love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  • sunain

    she is really cute actor an beautiful girl aashka love u so much god bless uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.plz vote for aashu.

  • Divya

    Ashka and sana i love u both and i love ur friendship as well as concern for each other ashka is a sweet heart love u a lot you look good with sana,

    • reena

      itni acchi b nai h sana .ok agar tumhe pasand hai toh apni bhabhi bana lo.ya fir shadi kar lo.mujhe toh nai hai pasand wo ussey acchi toh me hu .

      • mind it

        huh people got jealous wth her…… :/ shakal 10 br dho lo g naw tb bhi sana jesi nhi bn pao g…… sana is da best apney jesi fuzool larji ko usey compare mt kro…..

  • Loveleen

    Luv u Aashu, sana n delu….. u 3 r real humans with golden hearts…. keep it up…gud luck!!

  • poonam

    aashka is best….
    she will win the show….

  • sonia

    i luv u aashu n delnaaz..

  • SONY


  • SONY


  • megan

    Sana is the dumb person in the big boss season 6. She is such a dumb person that she doesn’t know how to react or how to perform. Even big boss is laughing becz of her dum things that she does. She is not a deserving person at all. I also don’t know how such dumb person enter movies? In today’s episode sana proved that she is the dumb person in big boss. Such person should not be there.

  • gyanesh sharma

    salmaan ji aap ko sabse bad or sabse good person in big boss house

  • silva

    i luv u sana and aashika. Please vishal propose for sana. I luvvvv u sana

  • gudiya

    I feel rajeev should wind show. He is cute one and honest towards delu.

  • zaimal khan

    1000 vote 4 sana…

  • faiza

    sana tum jaisay hou haisay hi rahou. tum bout achi hou…..

  • pinky

    sana…..dnt worrryyyyyyyy u dnt need to give any explanation about ur self…..ur so sweet,stay the way ur…….n win the show…allah blessings wit u

  • reshma

    i like u sana

  • reshma

    sana aap bhut achi ho

  • nuzhat

    Sana baby u r the winner sweetheart… I luv u a lot baby khan…m just dying to see u in movies.. Cm soon darling wtng for ur entry in bolywood…
    Luv u.. Best of luck

  • A girl

    Sana is so dumb. Her and Rajeev.Yuck!

  • farah

    sana khana luv u so much u r awesome and sweat girl