Bigg Boss 6: Sayantani Ghosh thinks that Sidhu converted the house into a moral science class

The actor rose to fame with a show called Naaginn on Zee TV. A decently popular face on Indian television, this Bong chick claims that she’s proud about leaving the Bigg Boss 6 house with dignity and grace

It came as a surprise to us when we heard the calm and composed Sayantani – who we saw in the Bigg Boss 6 house – express herself so vehemently while having a chat with us. She spoke her mind without any hesitation and kept an arm’s length from the ‘no comments’ strategy. She is articulate, level-headed and knows how to handle the seamy side of situations – wonder why we didn’t get to see this avatar of hers on the show – well, she tells us why

How was your stay in the Bigg Boss 6 house?

It was good, although a li’l short. I could have stayed longer. Unfortunately because the usual nomination process wasn’t followed in the third week, I ended up becoming the victim. Sidhuji considers this whole process of voting out two people as a very negative approach, which is why the rules were altered and every person started voting for the two people who they wanted to save. That’s what didn’t work in my favour.

Who’s your favourite contestant on the show and why?

It has to be Vrajesh Hirjee ‘coz I think he’s a real person. Although I am very close to Delnaaz, but Vrajesh is my favourite. He is an entertainer, he’s fun and I like the way he puts forward his opinions in a dignified way. There are house mates who think something and say something else, but Vrajesh is someone who’s very genuine.

Who do you see as the potential winner of the house, and in this matter what does your heart say, and also tell us what does your head say?

I would want Vrajesh to go till the end- that’s what my heart says. In my head I think someone who’s playing a very smart and neat game is Aashka Goradia. She knows the game in and out and she also knows how to keep her house mates happy at the same time.

But she’s the one who’s having most of the fights as of now?

She knows that being a part of controversies works in your favour. She’s also a part of the cooking team and is winning everybody’s hearts at the same time, so that indicates that she’s  playing the game very cleverly.

Salman Khan often said that you are the quietest member on BB6, so do you take time to open up? You think this is one of the reasons for your eviction?

Honestly it’s a 24 hour activity and they can’t show everything. It’s just a one hour show at the end of the day. I am not a quite person. I have danced, sang with people, entertained, joked around, and that’s the kind of masala I can provide. But when it comes to arguments and fights I will only raise my voice if I feel the need to do so.  If somebody personally attacked me, I would have voiced my opinion. But in my case I gelled well with everybody. So if Urvashi and Rajev are having a fight to seek attention, I don’t see myself doing the same. For me the idea of providing masala is not deliberately fighting. I have been open but maybe all that hasn’t been shown on TV, what has been shown were things like people fighting over petty issues like eggs and coffee…

There must be moments when you have really lost your temper but somehow controlled it?

The very first week Sapna Bhavnani passed a very lame comment after seeing a contestant’s dance performance. She said that she doesn’t see herself dancing around in such skimpy clothes and that she finds the whole thing very derogatory. And then the very next week or so, she was seen wearing a bikini in the pool. I thought she contradicted herself and at times her comments used to be very lame. You can’t be prejudiced towards item gals; that wasn’t right according to me.

And Sidhuji converted the house into a moral science class. If I am talking about Satyamev Jayate, people know what the show is all about. People know what to expect from a show like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. So when you have come to Bigg Boss, I think it’s fine to put forth your ideologies in front of people but please understand it’s not Sanskaar channel, it’s just an entertaining game.

You must be very courageous to give your nod to the show especially when most people dread entering the house…

Yes, I had apprehensions. But when I spoke to my closed ones they were very encouraging. They know the kind of mental strength I have. My only fear was that I shouldn’t utter something impulsive that would hurt my family. And Bigg Boss is just a part of my career, it’s not the end.