Bigg Boss 6 synopsis: Delnaaz Irani to patch up with Urvashi Dholakia?

Fights breaking out sporadically are a common phenomenon, but the Bigg Boss house might also see patch-up among housemates, and a shocking revelation

Day 66 will begin on a cracking note as Imam Siddique and Sapna Bhavnani will have a major showdown first thing in the morning, over picking up the bed sheets. This will sour Sapna’s equation with Imam, and she begins to ignore the effeminate dude like he just doesn’t exist.

Another dude who will also be at the end of feminine angst is Santosh Shukla. The telly actor will be told off sternly by an irate Karishma Kotak to tone down his flirtatious nature as the ladies finding it extremely uncomfortable. Later on, at night, Santosh will get snubbed royally a second time as he will attempt to chat-up with Aashka Goradia who will tell him to talk to her during the daytime as she finds it inappropriate to talk to him at night.

Aaskha will also play peacemaker between the warring ladies Urvashi Dholakia and Delnaaz Irani, as Delnaaz will reveal that the problems between her and Urvashi have existed even before the show. Mid day, the residents are served a shocker with a mid-week eviction and the nominated contestants are asked to pack their bags. Sapna meanwhile will continue being sore at Imam, snapping and ignoring him.

During nominations, the contestants will be asked to name the people they would want to save instead of nominate, and Sapna being the captain will get to save two people from being nominated. And being the true-blue feminist that she is, she will choose to save all the femmes in the house en-masse.

And another surprise follows as Delnaaz will make the first move and try to make peace with Urvashi. Watch the exciting episode today to see if the two warring females will bury their hatchet or not.