Bigg Boss 6 unseen footage: Everyone is a winner for Salman Khan!

Bigg Boss 6 unseen footage: Everyone is a winner for Salman Khan!

While Urvashi Dholakia was declared the winner onscreen by Salman Khan, this unseen footage tells a different story…

We all saw what Colors showed us on the night when the finale of Bigg Boss 6 was aired, right? And in that, Urvashi Dholakia emerged as the winner. People rejoiced, Urvashi hugged Imam Siddique, Sapna Bhavnani clung on to the ‘style addict’, and after a brief peep into the flurry of celebration, the episode was over.

But wait, there was more. Much more. All the contestants were called on stage by Salman Khan. The actor, turn-by-turn, declared everyone as the winner. Yup, Rajev Paul, Sana Khan, Santosh Shukla, common man Kashif Qureshi, Sampat Pal, Sallu’s favourite Karishma Kotak, Aashka Goradia…well…you name a contestant and he/she was declared a winner.

Hmmm, so what was Salman trying to say? Simply this: Everyone who has spent even a teeny-weeny amount of his life in the hell-hole is a winner. Right, Sallu? And do you agree with him, peeps?
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  • Kaitlyn Badge

    Hosting a TV show “is” hard work. Hosting a reality show like Bigg Boss is like, wow, the host and Bigg Boss himself, have to be babysitters to a group of nice people who unfortunately do eventually become stir crazy and a bit neurotic at times, held up in a house with very little to do. I watched every episode, I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss an episode, and I gotta say, watching each episode was stressful for me. Sometimes I got a headache from watching the show. If I were Salman Khan and I enjoyed hosting a TV show, and did not want to deal with the babysitting and neuroses going on with so many people, I mean wow, a host for a show like experiences a lot of stress and strain…. if I were Salman Khan, I’d find a different, more fun show to host on TV. I’m just saying, how about a different TV show with dancing involved, instead of housemates yelling and arguing? I like to hear happy good words like fun, dancing, joy, laughing, peace, rest, looking forward to going to work. Nice people, happy people, fun people, joyous occasions.