Bigg Boss 6: Vishal Karwal evicted from the house!

The dude was shown the exit door on the elimination episode of the show

Vishal Karwal was nominated along with Sana Khan, Rajev Paul and Imam Siddiqui. But unfortunately he couldn’t continue his stay in Bigg Boss 6 any longer. Just when the show was getting all spicy ‘coz of the interesting chemistry between Sana and Vishal, it was time for the stud to bid adieu to his house-mates. Vishal was considered the laziest person on the show, which is why he was asked to relax on a stretcher at a stretch for many days. Karwal was definitely frustrated with the task but he was sporting enough to take it all in his stride.

In a recent episode, he competed with Rajev to win Sana’s heart. He won the task and got to spend some quality time with the gorgeous Ms Khan. We are sure the dude had an interesting time on the show- the ups and downs, the frivolous arguments, the flirting and the fighting- Vishal’s adventure finally ends here. We wish him best of luck!