Bigg Boss 6: Vishal Karwal pairs up with Aashka Goradia for a dance

Looks like the inmates of this hell-hole are in for some serious competition ‘coz the Splitsvilla champ thinks he is a sure shot winner. So did he manage to impress the inmates? Read on to find out!

While many Bigg Boss 6 contestants were teary eyed, especially the ladies, we’re sure deep in their hearts they must have heaved a sigh of relief, when Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sampat Pal of the Gulab Gang were evicted. But with two inmates leaving the house at the same time, did it mean lesser competition for its residents? Probably not, as Vishal Karwal of Imagine TV’s Dwarkdheesh made his entry as the new wild card after Mink Brar. Vishal was also the winner of the first season of Splitsvilla.

But he didn’t just have a sneaky entry like Mink Brar. Instead, Bigg Boss scheduled a special dinner for the ladies ‘coz they were feeling a tad blue after Sidhu’s exit. And it was during this dinner that Vishal came in and started serving the femme fateles of the house. Whoa! There, the man had made an appearance.

And he entered with clear intentions. “I will win it. Had Sidhu paaji been there, he might have won. Now, it’s just me,” Vishal said when quizzed about his thoughts on being a potential winner. Some confidence, we say! What’s more, he also thinks that he’s at an advantage since he’s had a chance to observe the contestants from outside all these days. But he is well aware that the inmates might not like him barging into the house in the middle of the show.

Yet, putting aside all his apprehensions, Vishal dived straight into the world of domestic activities and tasks – the Splitsvilla training might have come in handy perhaps! Soon after, he was ordered to choose a dance partner; Vishal chose Aashka Goradia, and Sana Khan was instructed to choreograph a dance for the duo. They chose the song Pyaar ki ye kahaani suno from the movie Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd and put up a great performance.

As of now, all seems well. But do you think the new wild card entrant could really be a threat to the likes of Sapna Bhavnani and Urvashi Dholakia? Guess we’ll have to watch tonight’s episode to find that out!