Bigg Boss 6: What will Navjot Sidhu, Urvashi Dholakia, Delnaaz Irani bring to the house?

Posted Tue, October 9, 2012 1:26pm IST

The controversial and popular show in Indian television Bigg Boss is back with its sixth season and a newly mixed bag of limelight-hungry celebrities

Salman Khan – the third time host of the reality show claims that this time the format is very different. Indeed, they are going to bitch, fight, crib, and fling abuses at each other, but very differently. Frankly, who cares what they do, as long as they entertain – we surely are not going to complain. So take your cue from us, sit back and have a blast as the inmates make fools of themselves on national television. Add some popcorn and your favourite drink for better effect. What fun!

Bigg Boss selects contestants on the basis of their quirky nature, their controversial lives and, of course, their glamour quotient. To set the ball rolling, here’s what we think each inmate brings to the table…err…house.

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  • Mike

    I strongly dseagrie with TrueIndian…See Sidhu can laugh at even himself and he does his Own thing…And has been really successful at it… He is an MP, A commentator and a Successful Cricketer….He makes people Smile..Who decides what is cheap , what is not….The whole Nation likes him and thats a Fact….One who is successful is only criticized…Mr. True Indian…Go and read Freud and other Psychologists