Bigg Boss 6: Why doesn’t Aashka Goradia’s boyfriend Rohit Bakshi want to talk to her?

Wed, December 26, 2012 6:15pm IST by
Bigg Boss 6: Why doesn’t Aashka Goradia’s boyfriend Rohit Bakshi want to talk to her?

Salman Khan tactfully extracted information from our very own cry baby on her beau. But looks like this relationship won’t last for too long…

A while ago, Salman Khan revealed on national television that the Bigg Boss 6 makers had invited Aashka Goradia’s beau Rohit Bakshi on the sets along with the parivaar walas of other inmates. But the guy refused on the pretext of having loads of work.

While Aashka took it all sportingly and even said that she perfectly understands her guy’s need to put work before her, birdies chirp that the incident has formed deep cracks in the relationship. There was even a lot of hush-hush talk around the topic of Mr Bakshi when Aashka had a teary eyed conversation with her mom.

Also, birdies from the sets have revealed that Aashka has been requesting day in and day out to get in touch with her lover boy but Bakshi just refuses to connect. Hmm, but why would a loving boyfriend do that?

Certain feathered friends are of the opinion that Aashka’s chipkoo episode with in-house dost Sana Khan must be one of the reasons. And hey, didn’t we hear Aashu’s mother also warning her darling daughter against getting too touchy-feely with other females? Sigh!

So guess a messy episode just got out of hand. Will Aashka Goradia be able to save her relationship with Rohit Bakshi after she gets out of Bigg Boss 6? What do you think readers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • diamonds

    that whole scene between sana and askha was uncomfortable to watch. its not normal way for two women to behave as friends. ashka really need to sit down and analyze herself and her behavior, her motives and her understanding of her own behavior and why she acts that way. i am sure everyone including her family must be surprised.

  • langda tayagi

    Aashka is lesbian for sure.she locked herself with san in bathroom, she slaps on the butt of sana , she kisses her almost on lips…if she is not lesbian then i am sure one who think she isnt is surely idiot.

  • Tara

    Aashka has feelings for Sana however she is so confused as to wether thats love or friendship?
    As for Sana she is a HUGE attention seeker and manages to seek every attention she gets from housemates.She turns bitter when she realises that her share of attention is being given to some one eles other than herself therefore housemates who are close to her e.g Aashka or Rajeev feel guilty they might loose their long lasting bonding with Sana if they got close to this whom ever housemate.
    Rajeev on the other hand is one guy who thinks looks could kill.The guy is absolutely in love with himself (by the way Sana too thinks the same for herself,which is why both of them have so much in common)Rajeev claims he wants to get back on track with Delnaaz however he sort of wants to prove to Delnaaz that “I still have that magic in me to woo any women even a women half the age of me (Sana)” Sana is not a blonde but she surely acts like a dumb blonde.As u can see Sana and Rajeev are using each other Rajeev is using Sana to prove his point and Sana is using Rajeev cos he’s the only male in the house who is smittened over her looks.So… whom ever is reading this can obviously work out how all of this makes sense and fits into its place like a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Kunal

    Itzz really rubbish…!! Aashka love for Sana.. is just as sisters…!! I think people are dump to call Aashka a lesbian..!!

    • Divya

      Well said kunal

  • K

    Arre yaar mad house me akele rahte hue feelings pyar wali aa gayi BAS!!!!
    Ye log bhi na!!!!

  • Nisha

    I think Ashka was desperate to love someone in the house. The way she kissed Sana and the way she was touching her and so forth. No boyfriend would like her girlfriend to behave that way even with excuse. But I think she was forgetting everything when with Sana. So I really think she is attrected to women. Now she may realize what she did and might control herself in future.

  • Adesh

    plz salman tell imam dat he is being liked by every one in real world ………plz plz tell imam dat he is doing gr8 job …and he is the only person who deserves to win more than others …….

  • Divya

    Ashka is a very good person and i am not liking the way people taking her relationship with sana, she is like sister to her and sister behaves like this yar what has happened to the audience why they are thinking in a different way.
    Really aj kal ke logon ki soch choti aur cheap ho gyi hai think about ashka and sana unhe kaise lagega to hear such comments for them from u all, i really dont agree with these narrow minded people. Ashka i really like u a lot and very upset that you are evicted from big boss you were my favourite contestant<3<3 love u a lot