Bigg Boss 6: Yana Gupta will not enter the house!

The Babuji item girl was slated to enter the glass-walled house but then things didn’t go as per plan

A couple of days ago, everyone waited for Yana Gupta to step into the house of Bigg Boss 6 along with Karishma Kotak. But while Kotak is now officially back, there is no trace of Ms Gupta anywhere near or around the house. Why is that?

According to our trusted birdies, who have probed Yana about this unfortunate turn of events, the babe apparently loved her freedom too much to let go off it, even for the lure of the shining moolah. Also, Yana was heard saying that she had certain prior commitments, and so couldn’t be a part of the show. “I was offered the show very recently and they wanted me to enter midway. But I had already committed the same dates to other assignments in the year end,” Gupta said. Sigh!

So that’s a dampener for all who were waiting for the haute item girl to make an appearance in the house. Now will that mean that the TRPs will continue to dip? While we mull over that one, we would like to ask you, readers: Do you think Yana Gupta’s refusal to participate is a grave loss to the house of Bigg Boss 6?