Bigg Boss 7: After Armaan Kohli, is Kushal Tandon in legal trouble?

Bigg Boss 7: After Armaan Kohli, is Kushal Tandon in legal trouble?

The TV actor who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 7 might be in a little bit of a soup. He could soon be sued!

Kushal Tandon, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 7 yesterday in mid-week eliminations, might be in a legal trouble and have to appear in court very soon. It’s not surprising, considering the way he has been behaving, but here is the story: remember the Sachiin Joshi episode? Jackpot actor Sachiin along with co-star Sunny Leone entered the Bigg Boss house recently to promote their film.

Sachiin happened to make a snide comment about Gauahar Khan and Kushal, which obviously didn’t go down well with both of them. For those who joined in late, Sachiin told Kushal that he was a ‘puppet’ in Gauahar’s hands. As soon as Sachiin left the house Kushal, who was fuming with anger, referred to the Azaan actor as ‘dedh phutiya’. Yes, it means ‘very short’, but is nasty!

And now it looks like that comment has got Kushal in some trouble. Reportedly, Sachiin is planning to take legal action against the TV soap star. And the host of Bigg Boss 7 Salman Khan was also upset with Kushal, as he has misbehaved with a guest, which is a no-no in any book Salman may possibly read.

Well, all we can say is that someone’s in big trouble…as if he needed more. Poor Kushal!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Gurpreet

    If sachin is planning to put into him into the legal trouble….then salman and sachin will be in the trouble…..because salman indirectly bullied Kushal many times and also said powerful sachin……and sachin has no right to say a man in front of him…as a puppet of girl………

    • Salman Gurung

      what bummer?? Jao, pehle Kanoon ki kitabh padh k aao!!

    • Nim Mann

      Exactly, kushal shud also file a case against armaan kohli for calling him kaaliya, and tanisha for pushing him thrice!!!! LMAO

  • shakuntala muka

    dedht phutiya ones again hahaha .. aur abb kia kare ga ye shota bacha ? :) )))

  • Nim Mann

    Sachin joshi wudnt mind being called dedh futiya.. looks like Salman khan took it personally..LMAO

    • Vakar Ahmad

      Actually salman is taking kushal personally, what he is saying he is making issue of that, whether it was BUDDHA or DEDH-FUTIYA. salman adding this to himself. Salman is a big superstar but he is comparing himself to this newcomer kushal.

  • Naina Pandita

    Kushal is no star…he had just one soap to his name..and was then seen on Nach Baliye with a “fake” girlfriend.

    • veenoo

      Do some research as salman does every week on kushal…he is a star on tv…we kniw him by his name nt by somebody’s sister or sombody’s son. Even bb site shows he has maximum number of followers o his progile page. It shows very clearly that gauher and kushal r followee bt fans the most.

  • neha

    plz vote for andy he is a gud guy….plz…..

  • Akshay Singh

    Kushal is a Bakwas.He is also not eligible to come in Bigg Boss.Total UNFAIR MAN.Usako to jail me dalna chahiye.

    • Nim Mann

      Armaan kohli is a better candidate for dat. He deserves to rot in jail more than any other contestant.

    • shri

      I think u r not watching show from start, first lets watch how Salman is biased and doing unfair to kushal then comment

  • Phoolchand Yadav


    • Nim Mann

      Let armaan kohli get his part of lesson first!!!

  • Susan

    I don’t think Kushal said “Dedh Futiya”. It was Ajaz who said that. So what if Anybody says that. It does not mean that Kushal has to go to court. Yes it is Salman Khan who is instigating all this. He thinks he can stand there and bully anybody he likes. Salman is the one who should be sitting behind bars and also Arman.

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    I guess its salaman khan who is encouraging sachin to do so because he want to settle
    Arman kholie arrest in the house shame on you salman grow up before we see you like Sanjay baba I think salman is killer and shame to inida judgement system that a killer is
    Still bully people in national television

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    Salman scared of arman your no more Bhai jan your a bhain jere with choryian and saree

  • Vikas Kumar

    Salman khan should be slaped on the middle of the show.pagal bhuda

  • Vikas Kumar

    Sala kaheka host.chamcha sala salman khan

  • chand

    Salman is bieng unfair…waste of time n energy 2 tell him anything. But equally kushal is a big 0…mannerless…ugly rat…big mouth…worthless guy! Arman is the most horibl worst human bieng…deserves kicks on his ugly face. The 1 who deserved to win….kamya is out alredy so…ha

  • veenoo

    Sachin joshi who????? Agar mehman apko gaali bhi de to bhi sar jhuka ke khare raho….i mean does salman really believe that…

  • dsfvasv

    dedh futiya sachin ha ha ha ha