Bigg Boss 7: Ajaz Khan fails to be ek number, says wished for Gauahar Khan’s win!

The most entertaining contestant of Bigg Boss 7 has failed to win the high voltage reality show

Ajaz Khan, who entered the Bigg Boss 7 house as a wild card entry, wanted to win the high voltage reality show very desperately, but blame it on his bad luck or Gauahar Khan’s popularity, Ajaz failed to be at the numero uno position. Gauahar has beaten Tanishaa Mukherji, Ajaz and Sangram Singh, who became 1st runner up, 2nd runner up and 3rd runner up respectively.

The actor has had his share of fights, tears and laughter in his journey inside the glass walled house. The man entertained each and every other housemate with his spot-on sense of humour, unusual lingo and his habit of flirting with girls, which gained him popularity with the masses. Ask him if he is disappointed for not winning the show and he says, “Yes, I am a bit disappointed. I wanted to win the show, but I am happy that I defeated all the male contestants. Two women defeated me which makes me happy because I respect women a lot. I feel that women will run our country very soon”

He also confessed that if not him, he wanted Gauahar to bag the trophy. “I wished for Gauahar’s win. She was very fair player and you need a lot of courage to confess about your love to someone on national television. She took stand for Kushal and left the show and I respect her for that”