Bigg Boss 7: An emotional outburst in the house!

Housemates will get personalised audio and video messages from their family members…how will they react?

Staying away from family and friends is a heck of a deal for the Bigg Boss inmates and, as the weeks go by, they seem to get increasingly homesick and crave their loved ones. While a few lucky housemates like Gauahar Khan and Elli Avram have got the chance to meet their parents visiting the house, the rest are longing for just a glimpse of home. Granting their wish in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 7, Bigg Boss will give a surprise to the housemates that will make their day a hugely joyful one. Bigg Boss will arrange a few personalised video and audio messages from the families of contestants.

In the evening, Bigg Boss will call Pratyusha Banerjee into the confession room and ask her to read a letter regarding the messages that will be displayed on a TV screen placed in the living area. A buzzer will ring, after which all the housemates will have to gather in the living area to wait for the message to be played. VJ Andy will get a video message from his brother, who then will take him on a tour of his own house and have him meet his family. Looking at his mother, Andy will get very emotional and will break down. Next will be an audio message from Pratyusha’s parents, who will wish her good luck in Bengali, After listening to the message, Pratyusha wouldn’t be able to hold back her tears. To Sangram’s surprise, he will get a video message from his girlfriend Payal Rohatgri that will bring a 100 watt smile to his face. Armaan Kohli will choke when he hears the voice message from his mother, who will give him lots of love and wishes. Kamya Punjabi, who has been longing to see her daughter, will have tears of joy in her eyes when she sees her little daughter singing Twinkle twinkle little star in a video message.

Phew! Clearly it will be an emotional outpouring in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 7. Fair warning – keep a box of tissues handy while you watch.