Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Kohli back in the house. Read channel’s statement!

Bigg Boss 7

Armaan, who was taken into custody by Lonavala police yesterday has finally returned to the Bigg Boss 7 house

Armaan Kohli’s day out is finally over. Yes, the angry man of the house who was arrested by Lonavala police yesterday for allegedly assaulting British-Pakistani actor Sofia Hayat has been released on bail has returned to the glass walled house.

Sofia, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 7 two weeks back had filed a complaint post her exit, accusing Armaan of physical abuse during her stay in the house. The Lonavla Police arrested Armaan under sections 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means), 504 (intentional insult to provoke breach of peace) and 509 (word, gesture or act intended to outrage the modesty of a woman) 506 (criminal intimidation) and 354 a (sexual harassment) of the Indian Penal Code.

Confirming the news of Armaan’s return to the house, a spokesperson of the company said in a statement, “Armaan Kohli had to leave the Bigg Boss house last night to cooperate with the police investigation in a case filed against him. He has duly completed the formalities and has now returned back to the Bigg Boss house. ”

Reportedly NCP women workers protested against Armaan outside the house of Bigg Boss and even chased Armaan’s car as he re-entered house. Though Armaan is back in the house right now, but the entire incident surely has maligned his image which might affect his chances of winning Bigg Boss 7.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Mrityunjay Singh


    How is the police even allowing an accused to come back and settle down in the scene of crime!!


    - Jat

  • aarti

    Shame!! Shame!!! Colour TV.

  • honey

    sofia hats off .this animal has no respect for woman deserves this punishment

  • fizi

    This happens only in India….

  • Nim Mann

    Ye to hona hi tha.. if Salman can get away so easily wid hit and run case.. ye to phir bhi women abuse ka case tha.. looks like ders no humanity n respect for women left..ppl shud welcome armaan wid rotten tomatoes n eggs wen he comes out of Bigg boss house!!!

  • Sana

    Where is the justice here? Kushal pushed Andy he was asked to leave, Armaan assaulted a woman but he was brought back in with due respect, Tanisha pushed Kushal thrice but Kushal was lectured to respect women. What is BB7′s message to the world? Famous/celebrity kids, sisters, bothers will always get away with misbehavior and assault? Shame on Colors, BB7, Salman and the relvant authorities. The Indian police should do they job and keep armaan behind bars, thats where a beast like him ott to be.

    • Nishul tomar

      sofia also pushed him more than twice thrice
      uska koi kuch ni kehta
      aur video m saaf saaf dikh rha h ki he was just snatching the mop that’s all
      aur ye sab drama b kushal aur gohar ka
      & sallu ka isme kya kamm he is just a host that’s all
      usse sirf paise chahiye aur phir vo apne ghr..
      sofia is a real bitch ek baat ho bdha rhi h taaki publicity mil sake

  • rai

    good armaan is back ……………. people understand this is show there is no place for bad loosers like sofiya , people like gohar and kushal can play cheap game by instigaring others becos they dont have guds to face armaan.

  • Ruchi Bhardwaj

    ye sab jhamela kushal aur gauhar ka create kiya hua hai un dono ko nikal dena chahiye dono bahut hi cheap hai !!

  • Ruchi Bhardwaj

    jab kushal ne andy ko maara aur threaten kiya tha to tab kushal ko bhi jail jana chahiye
    please andy bahar aakar kushal ka fir karwana

  • Ruchi Bhardwaj

    women power ka misuse ho raha hai sofiya bitch hai usne bhi to push kiya tha aur abuse bhi kiya tha

  • Ruchi Bhardwaj

    arman is good guy

  • Priobrata

    Sofia mentally not fit….sofia ka maine aur bhi show dekha hai….she is abnormal…1st day Sofia ko dekhne k baad maine yehi socha ki Big Boss k ghar me aisa kuch to hoga..BIG Boss ek Game show hai…she is Fool…sofia pushed Armaan but Armaan did not pushed her..hahahaha bebajai ek Woman kiya kar sakti hai…jai hoo..

  • sharin wajid

    good decision from sofia….he i so arrogant…and he ll support only tanisha aunty all the times…with big boss contestants he ll behav’s badly…good he should evict this weekend…he is bad boyyyy…

  • virendra aeer

    This is Only for Publicity Stunt and Nothing.

  • virendra aeer

    Its a game show only.Nothing is personal.Sofiya ji Yaha pe apko moviee nahi milanewali.

  • virendra aeer

    If Sofia
    can file such a serious complaint against Armaan, then can Andy too file even
    more serious complaint against Kushal? Kushal had exhibited physical violence,
    with clear intent of killing Andy, which too had caused serious trauma for
    Andy. Situation went so out of control, that in spite of having differences
    with Andy, Armaan stood up for Andy to protect him from Kushal.

  • virendra aeer

    has not stopped talking about this incident since the day she was evicted from
    the show. From accusing Salman Khan to
    a rage of sensational interviews, she has been on an unstoppable spree.
    Perhaps, this is the only time she would ever get the media coverage, except
    few semi-naked shoots here and there. Also, there might be some heavy PR machinery working with her, further
    guiding her. Who knows!

  • bbz1

    Real shame to bring this crazy back into the show. What is Bigg Boss trying to prove?, its okay to abuse a women? or the people with fame and money can do anything? and even become a winner of the show.

  • Nirija Adhia

    Everyone commenting here is seriously retarded.

    I am a Psychiatry resident that recently graduated from Stanford here in the US. So far from the comments I have seen, they are:
    1. “Shame on Sofia for dressing so bad/ posing half/nude/ other typical sexist remark”
    2. “Shame on Armaan for hitting Sofia and shame on Big Boss for allowing him to stay”

    Let me say both these sides has no logic behind it whatsoever.

    The reality of the incident is that Armaan is a human, while good natured, tends to come across as a bit aggressive. Combine this with the hatred Sofia and him have for each other. .

    The Bigg Boss reels DO NOT SHOW Armaan assaulting her in any way. Armaan attempts to snatch the mop (which was a mean thing, in my opinion) and Sofia flipped out. In the hubbub, the mop ACCIDENTALLY knocked her face. Gauhar and Khusal, with their long standing hatred for Armaan, decided to seize this opportunity with Sofia and attempted to evict Armaan from the house. They see an imaginary mark on her face, proceed to show the camera, and patiently wait.

    Of course, as Bigg Boss and the rest of us sensible people saw, ARMAAN NEVER ASSAULTED HER. A MOP HANDLE BRUSHING A GIRLS FACE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ASSAULT.

    If he did hit her, yeah, get him out of there. But of course, he didn’t. So when Sofia, a somewhat successful power personality got out of the house instead of Armaan, what did she do? File for his arrest.

    Sofia can do whatever the hell she wants, and her dressing style is not up for judgement, so all the sexist men commenting can calm down.

    Armaan never assaulted her, and he posed no threat to any female, so all you feminist idiots, calm down.

    By the way, I AM A GIRL. And I have lived in India most my life, so don’t comment saying ‘Oh, you’re just a foreigner.’

    • suzy

      I totally agree with your comment … only one here that makes sense , guess we “foreigners” have common sense to see both sides of what ACTUALLY happened. armaan is completely misunderstood its sad that he comes across as a certain way to others but he’s really not the way people assume him to be . never touched a female in that house , yes a lot of fights , yes a lot of arguments and curse words used .. Sophia even mentioned that armaan said a lot of really hurtful things to her , agreed but she’s not innocent either taking advantage of being a women and a SO CALLED victim is not right either. she definitely had her share of cursing at armaan and even getting physical. and pleaseeeeeeeeeee people LEAVE SALMAN OUT OF IT seriously .. everywhere people are mentioning his name , whether its for eviction reasons or being biased …YA RIGHT ..please don’t forget that this is his J O B !!! he has nothing to do with evictions. That’s all on you .. The AUDIENCE ! so if u don’t like someone in the house ( mostly tanisha & armaan) then get to voting !! do not blame salman.