Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Kohli, Elli Avram, Tanishaa Mukherji – Meet the overgrown kids in the house!

On the occasion of Children’s Day, we introduce you to the brattiest children in the glass walled house

November is all about children. Yes, November 14, the birth anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru is when India celebrates Children’s Day. While youngsters around the entire nation are an excited lot on their special day, there are a few kids that we just cannot forget – the bunch in the Bigg Boss 7 house, remember? Yes, we know that the housemates inside the glass walled ghar are adults – at least in age and experience – but judging by their antics, we have to call them ‘overgrown children’. So meet the kiddy-widdies of Bigg Boss 7….

Pratyusha Banerjee – She is the bachchi in the house. That’s what the other housemates call her. Come on, she is just 21 years old and the youngest of the lot. So we can’t really expect her to be overly mature, hai na? We still don’t understand why this woman..err..girl takes offence whenever someone addresses her as a ‘kid’.

Armaan Kohli – Though he is a 40-year-old man, his antics are like that of a teenager. Using swear words by the dozen and looking for a chance…any chance to get into a fight – that’s what teenagers do, right? It’s high time that Armaan started to behave like an adult, no?

VJ Andy – Also known in certain circles as Anand Vijay Kumar, VJ Andy is a complete (pardon our language) jackass. The dude keeps crying and never thinks twice before poking fun at others. Typical 14-15 year old child behaviour, no?

Elli Avram – She is the cute one. The Swedish beauty acts particularly cute and coy and speaks in broken Hindi. Reminds us of a two-year-old cute little seedha saadha baby who is just learning to talk. Growing up may help her career…or do men in B-town like them young?

Tanishaa Mukherji – The woman is in her 30s, but looking at her behaviour, she strikes you as trying to be a girl in her 20s who is hugely possessive about her boyfriend. In her case, it’s Armaan who plays that role. He screams at her. He tells her to get lost. He tells her not to talk to him. And she still begs him not to misunderstand her and acts like his favourite doormat.

So that’s the bunch of kiddos in the Bigg Boss 7 house. It’s not like the others are not child-like. But these are the real offenders on our list….