Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Kohli gets bail!

Bigg Boss 7

Armaan who was in the police custody has been released on bail

Armaan Kohli who was arrested by Lonavala Police yesterday for allegedly assaulting British-Pakistani actor Sofia Hayat has been released on bail. Sofia, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 7 two weeks back had filed a complaint post her exit, accusing Armaan of physical abuse during her stay in the house.

As we file this report, Armaan is being taken to the Tehsildaar where his statement will be recorded. Armaan has been released on a condition that he won’t do any harm to Sofia and if he does, he might be sent to jail. That’s not all. Property guarantee of two people plus Rs 50,000 surety is what it took to get Armaan out on bail.

Armaan was booked under sections 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means), 504 (intentional insult to provoke breach of peace) and 509 (word, gesture or act intended to outrage the modesty of a woman) 506 (criminal intimidation) and 354 a (sexual harassment) of the Indian Penal Code.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sagar Srivastava

    He shouldn’t even deserves to get arrested. World knows that it was a mutual fault. And when does a response to abuse became less offensive than abuse itself .Funny !

  • shivangi

    sofia is trying to get cheap publicity…she provoked arman even though he clearly said he doesn’t want to talk to her many times…even at the day when this incident happend she was trying to get focus on her all day just cause she was nominated and had full chances of getting elimitane.arman was her easy target as he is shot tempered and everyone else hates him…very clever of her to publicity out of this.

    • Vivek Sharma

      Bravo Shivangi you are absolutely right! Armaan was an easy target because of his anger crisis and Gauhar and Kushal used it but as you sow so as you reap and Kushal today will be evicted.

  • Dorjee Mugum Tenzin

    WTF!!!!!i was looking him as a victim… so… exploited the indian law very nicely… we know what colour you are made off……….this time i m with “VOTE FOR ARMAAN”

  • ali

    Armaan is male chauvinist and very aggressive. He has demonstrated utter disrespect for every women in BB7 house. He deserves to be jail for voluntary abuse or involuntary abuse. Salman and BB7 has shown great partiality towards armaan and tanisha from day 1. Police had to intervene and slap in the face of salman and big boss that they are misleading.

  • Shashank Chickermane

    Sofia told in an interview that if Court doesnt punish Armaan then she will go to British Embassy and will fight. If she is saying that also in the contract that physical touch should not be done in the show, then she pushed Armaan twice while abusing each other, whether it is not physical fight with a man, it want be against her contract. Only a man should be blamed, not her. First of all she is not Indian, came here to play a show, not to abuse. She even said Armaan “Bastard”, “Hijra” what is this nonsense. Such type of Women come here and abuse. Armaan is bad man, yes what about sofia whether she is not bad women. Kushal fuelled against Armaan to sophia, why Channel, Armaan’s father file a defamation case against him also. He abused alot to Gauhar also. Why other women contestant like Tanisha file a case against Ejaz, Sophia for their bad behaviour and abusing them. Action should be taken against this contestants also. Sofia go from this country otherwise it will be a great problem to fight here. U r not like Devyani (which is honest women and humilated by officials in USA). We should support that type of women, not like Sophia. She also violated contract in the show. Why she should not punished? Why Indian women supports her. We just support Indian women here, not like shameless Sophia like loose character women.

    • niharika ahuja

      Thats right,people always simpathies with the girl regardless of if she is right or wrong

    • Vivek Sharma

      You rock bro absolutely right.

  • Shashank Chickermane

    The what is wrong after getting Armaan a bail. He also have a rights to file a case against Sofia, Kushal for this stupid behaviour. If Kushal had a problem against Armaan then why he pushed Sofia in the middle to file a case against Armaan. Whether Kushal scared against Armaan’s behavour or by cheating he will win one sided getting majority votes from his fathers place? Kushal is playing double game with Armaan & Bigboss/Channel thats why he pressurised to come to the house once against after he was dismissed by bigboss. Channel/Bigboss committed a offense to bring him once again and spoilt entire show. Kushal showed his true colors in the show by provoking Sofia for the physical assault by Armaan and arrest. Now please arrest kushal/Sofia today.

    • Vivek Sharma

      Bro congrats today Kushal will be out.

  • vishal

    naaaaa…… a girl has a full right to take a restrict action towards a dirty man…….armaan is a shit…..
    always fighting, fighting , fighting…..

  • Shashank Chickermane

    Now sophia will be big problem after the show. Damn she has committed a big offense for herself.