Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Kohli, Pratyusha Banerjee, VJ Andy, Ratan Rajput, Asif Azim – Who do you  want out of the house? Vote!

The battle for popularity continues this week too…

After a very emotional and nail biting round of nominations this week, Asif Azim, Armaan Kohli, Pratyusha Banerjee, VJ Andy and Ratan Rajpoot entered the danger zone.

Asif entered the mad cap house just two weeks back and has been nominated in both the weeks. Last week, he was saved by his fans. But will he stay in the house or bid a goodbye?

Pratyusha has also been nominated twice since the show started. She managed to escape the danger zone last week all thanks to her popularity and huge fan following. But will she survive this week as well? The question remains…

This is the first time that Armaan Kohli has been nominated. Known for his temper, we wonder if Armaan will manage to stay in the show. Let’s hope Armaan’s fans save him from getting eliminated from the show. If not, we are sure Tanishaa’s fans will vote for him. If you know what we mean. Wink Wink

VJ Andy doesn’t have too many friends in the glass walled house. But we are sure he has a lot of friends outside the Bigg Boss house who have been voting for him. Will they continue to vote for him and save him from getting evicted from the show?

Ratan was directly nominated by the captain of the house Kamya Punjabi via the powers vested in her. As far as we know, she has not done anything dhamakedaar apart from dunking into that bath tub full of cow dung. Will the bath tub..err..her fans save her this week?

Vote and tell us that who you want to see out of the Bigg Boss 7 house.