Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 21-22: Did Armaan Kohli, Kushal Tandon and Asif Azim break too many rules?

Bigg Boss loses his cool and takes drastic steps against the hellmates

In Bigg Boss 7, nothing is pardoned and the punishment will not be easy.

Rationing food

After Anita Advani’s exit from the house, the heaven mates were seen talking about the food demands from hell that have been increasing day-by-day. Elaborating on the same, they said that the Jahannum wasis ask for food after every half hour and how it becomes a problem for them in rationing it for the week. To settle the issue, Shilpa Agnihotri tries talking to the hell-mates and tells them that if they keep demanding for food they will be left without any by the end of the week.

Asif vs Kushal

Later during the day, Asif Azim and Kushal Tandon get in to an argument wherein Asif was seen commenting on Kushal and Gauhar Khan’s closeness. He commented that Kushal is madly in love with Gauhar and that he is flying in the air since he is in love with her. This comment was not appreciated by Kushal and he countered by saying that he is free to do what he wishes and that it’s none of Asif’s concern about what he does in his personal life. Even the other hell-mates were seen showing their displeasure over Asif’s comments on Kushal and Gauhar’s friendship.

Hellmates get devilish

Taking matters in their own hands, the hell-mates further break in to the heaven side and steal the food. In the first attempt Armaan Kohli and Kushal sneak on to the heaven side and scare the heaven-mates and came back. Kamya Punjabi, who is the captain of the week, came and warned them they the repercussions of their act will be really bad. But the hell-mates were in a devilish mood and decided to sneak in again and steal food. This time Armaan, Kushal and Asif slip in to the heaven side through the window that was created for the transfer of food from heaven to hell. But just when they were about to open the fridge to take the food, the alarm went off and everyone in the house woke up.

Punishment from Hell

Next day in the morning, Kamya said that because of their night’s antics, they won’t get any breakfast. But after several requests, the heaven-mates relented and gave them breakfast. However, the actual punishment came from Bigg Boss when he took all the beds away from the hell-mates. Later during the day, Bigg Boss announced the nominations and called the contestants to give names of two contestants who should be nominated.

Later in the evening when the boys from the hell side requested Bigg Boss to give back the girls their beds back, Bigg Boss agreed, but on a condition that one of the boys will have to spend the night in a cage. When Armaan volunteered to go for it, the hell-mates refused and said that they don’t want the beds but Armaan went ahead and sat in the cage the whole night, while the girls got their beds back.


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