Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 30: Is Kushal Tandon Gauahar Khan’s knight in shining armour? View pics!

The unpredictable twists in the game have always left the Bigg Boss housemates stunned. 30 days have passed and the housemates are slowly realizing that mind games are taking over politics inside the house.

Gauahar Khan suffers from a severe heart problem and collapses on the ground amidst all the action and it is her close friend Kushal Tandon who literally jumps to her rescue, picks her up and rushes her into the bedroom. She gets immediate medical assistance and is advised rest. In spite of being unwell, Gauahar ensures that the task continues and no rules are broken.

The day starts with Shilpa Agnihotri advising VJ Andy to learn from the past experiences and stand up for himself. Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls Gauahar to the confession room and hands out the luxury budget task. In the new task – shaitan aur farishte, Jahannumwasis will have to capture five different places in Jannat and replace the silver medals with black while, Jannatwasis protect their territory and ensure security of their medals. The gate between the heaven and hell is left open for the task. Everytime, Jahannumwasis enter the heaven side, they had to wear their devil horns while the heaven mates had to wear the angel’s halo. Gauahar was not allowed to participate in the task and was asked to regulate the task. The buzzer goes off and the Jahannumwasis enter Jannat  and get straight to the task. Kushal and Sangram make the first attempt to steal the medal but get disqualified for getting physical. Gauahar tells everybody to refrain from violence. On the other hand, Kushal in Gauhars’s absence sneak’s in and gets hold of the medal. Gauahar tells Kushal that it’s against the rules to conduct the task in her absence and asks him to put the medal back. Pratyusha Banerjee isn’t fond of this new task she refrains from participating in the task. Sangram makes another attempt to steal the medal but is stopped by Tanisha who accidently falls down trying to save the medal. During this incident, Asif is also hurt in a collision. Gauahar warns Asif and Tanisha to stop pushing and hitting other people as it is against the rule. Apurva tries to move towards the medals and throws water at Asif who is protecting the medal, but it falls  near Armaan’s. In an attempt to protect the medal Armaan tries to push Apurva into the swimming pool. Shilpa who has been watching this tussle, comes running towards Armaan screaming at him. An annoyed and upset Shilpa warns Armaan not to touch her husband. Shilpa makes the third attempt and finally conquers the kitchen area, but Tanishaa is present there and she is hurt in the process. The hell-mates inspite of being hurt do not give up and are successful in conquering other parts of the house as well. As a result, Gauahar declares that the Jahannumwasis as the winners of this task.

Bigg Boss has an announcement for the Jannatwasis who have lost the task, they will have to stay near the pool area and will not be allowed to enter the house without Jahannumwasis’s permission; also, only two people are allowed to enter the house in one go. The day comes to an end with the Jannatwasis going off to sleep but without their beds by the pool.

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