Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 32: Will Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli get back together?

A night of activities and changes, we wonder what surprises the new day will brings

Bigg Boss 7 witnessed a unique wild card entry, Vivek Mishra in the chaos of the night.

Jahannum demolished

At midnight, Bigg Boss contestants experience an unexpected twist that leave them in a state of shock. While everybody is asleep in the Jahannum house, they hear noises and the Jahannum house starts shaking. Suddenly, they feel tremors and see stuntmen dressed in black heading towards them. The men start breaking the doors and the windows with hammers. The housemates also see fireworks then two men  start breaking the grill between two houses. They make an attempt to rush out and run for their lives. The stuntmen immediately come to their rescue and ask them to climb to a small passage with the help of a rope. To their surprise, they land up in the Jannat house.

Wild Card entry

Jannatwasis are happy to see their friends; they scream and hug everybody in excitement. Jahannum is cordoned off completely. Now everyone has to stay in Jannat. While all this was going on, they see one masked stuntman loitering around in the house. He walks towards the fridge and looks for water. He later removes the mask and everybody realises that he is the new entrant of the house. He wishes everybody Eid Mubarak and introduces himself as Vivek Mishra. Pratyusha Banerjee and Kamya Punjabi recognise him and give him a warm welcome.

Eid Mubarak

In the morning, after the wakeup call, VJ Andy is seen making fun of Sangram Singh while he is doing yoga in the garden area. Further, Bigg Boss wishes everybody EID Mubarak and welcomes the new member of the house. Bigg Boss declares that since Jahannumwasis won the task, they will get to sleep on the beds available in the bedroom while the Jannatwasis will have to sleep on the bedding available on the floor. If they wish to sleep on the beds anytime, they will have to seek permission from the Jahannumwasis.

Later in the morning, just when Asif Azim and Gauahar Khan are getting ready for Eid celebrations, Gauahar gets a gift from her mother which is kept in the store room. The gift is ingredients for Sheer Khurma. She gets emotional and thanks Bigg Boss for making this happen. She prepares Sheer Khurma for everybody in the house.

Shilpa gossips about Tanishaa and Armaan

While everybody is sitting and chatting in the garden area, Shilpa Agnihotri is seen discussing with Kamya and Pratyusha about Tanishaa Mukerji. She tells them that Elli Avram came up to her and told her that Tanishaa  spoke bad about her. She is quite surprised to hear this from Elli as she has never been a part of any kind of politics. Further, Tanishaa and Armaan Kohli talk about Kamya and Pratyusha ignoring them and getting influenced by other people in the house.

Luxury budget in jeopardy

In the afternoon, Shilpa gets a note from Bigg Boss on luxury budget. She is asked to get everybody in the house together and take a call on this week’s budget. Shilpa reads out the note after gathering everybody together in the living room. According to the note, only Jahannumwasis can take the final decision on the budget since they won the task. Andy and Shilpa with consent of other Jahannumwasis decide the final budget. However, they exceed the time limit by a few minutes. As a result, Bigg Boss announces that they will not be allowed to redeem their points for this week and will not be provided anything that they have asked for in the luxury budget. All the housemates are disappointed listening to this and Andy and Shilpa request Bigg Boss to not punish the whole house for their mistake.

Peace out – Tanishaa and Shilpa

In the evening, while everybody is talking about Tanishaa and Armaan acting indifferent, Tanisha decides to talk to Shilpa and clarify all the issues between them. She tells her that she did not like the way Shilpa behaved with Armaan when he asked for food the other day. Shilpa tells her that she did not mean to do anything intentionally and was only following the rules of the task. She further adds that she repeatedly offered Armaan food and it’s he  who refused every single time. Kamya also joins the conversation and tries to put forward her point of view. She gets upset with Tanisha and tells Armaan that he should speak about himself and not let other people be his advocate.

When the day comes to an end, Apurva and Andy are seen discussing about the politics going on inside the house and how they should stay alert and avoid problems.

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