Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 52: Sangram Singh spills the beans about his fake fight with Armaan Kohli

Bigg Boss 7 diaries

Bygones are never bygones in Bigg Boss 7, no matter how much the inmates try

To this date every person who has ever played ugly in the Bigg Boss house is remembered for their deeds, so no matter how much Sangram Singh tries he cannot wipe his slate clean.

Sangram feels guilty

The Bigg Boss inmates wake up smiling cheekily to the song Sab gandha hai par dhanda hai ye a song befitting the Raajneeti task. Sangram confides in Tanishaa Mukherji on how terrible and upset he is feeling, owing to his fight with Armaan Kohli. Guilt ridden, he wants to apologise to Armaan and let bygones be bygones. On the other hand a seething Armaan is still annoyed with Sangram, who according to him is a double faced and backstabber. Meanwhile Armaan asks Tanisha to pass on a clear message to Sangram to watch out, stay clear and not mess with him.

Gauahar or Elli – the better cook

The Pink party is playing dirty politics; and VJ Andy and Armaan discuss the strategy and manner in which the pink party targets housemates to switch sides. They warn Sofia Hayat and Candy Brar to stay clear from their party. Meanwhile, Gauahar Khan has bitten into the apple of envy and dislikes the fact that everyone likes the omelette prepared by Ellie Avram. She passes snide comments in the kitchen. Meanwhile, a dejected Ellie reacts in the garden area on how Gauahar, Kamya Punjabi, and Pratyusha Banerjee avoid the eating whenever she cooks. Tanishaa calms her by saying they are insecure and envy the fact that people appreciate her culinary skills.

Tanishaa gets crass

Ajaz is seen taking out his frustration of Armaan on Sangram, where he mentions that despite having all the luxuries, he is not capable of building his career. Later, the pink team steal the yellow bands from the bathroom area. Everyone notices the bands are stolen and Tanishaa calls them robbers using cheap gimmicks. Sofia’s presence of mind prevails, where she suggests cutting one band in two halves and distributes it within the team.

The big debate

Andy sneakily changes his band colour to know the real game of the pink team. When all of a sudden Ajaz invites him to the bedroom area to be a part of the party, he refuses to join. Gauahar claims that the yellow team has tampered with the votes by cutting one into two. A debate is announced and the party leaders have to deliver a speech to prove that their party is the best. As the speech starts, Gauahar mentions how the yellow party has borrowed the name and concept from her. The party leader of yellow team is disrespected and fired.

Tanishaa and Gauahar fight again

Andy mentions that pink team indulges in cheap thrills by robbing the bands. On the other side in the kitchen, Tanishaa calls Gauahar a cook who takes offense to the same and tells Tanishaa to stay within her limits. Fights and arguments ensue after Sofia calls Ajaz a robber. Ajaz warns her and says that he can reveal the worst of things about her. Armaan shuts him up and Ajaz gets more violent and aggressive and breaks the entire setup near the garden area. He also tries to throw the mikes out of the house. He insists to keep a fighting match with Armaan. Not one willing to take things lightly, an angry Armaan says he will bury Ajaz in 10 seconds. Later Andy tells Ajaz that they are using him as a weapon to fight. Later on Kamya and Gauahar get to know that the fight between Armaan and Sangram was a strategy.

Sangram the spy

Bigg Boss makes an announcement that the party winner will be eventually decided through votes. Ellie’s party wins after the voting. Heaven is back in the house after a Diwali vacation. Overjoyed on seeing Heaven, Sangram later confesses to his loyal friend that he is guilty. At midnight Andy insists that Sangram joins Gauahar’s group and be their spy. Watch next and find out how Sangram takes on his role as a spy.

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  • Zara Mehta

    Half of the stuff you talk about did not even air on the show, where did you see it from? :S

    • Akansha

      Big boss7 is becoming a channel, where they put events for instigating fights. Worst serial to be watched.

  • nikhil

    What a fake news about sangram. Sangram never said he is guilty. he said to heaven that he is not in any group and he is alone. so he came to talk to heaven. and he said I have apologized to Gauhar, kamya and gudiya even if it was not his fault.
    and he and andy is not spying on anyone.
    Writer please get a life and write something true and sensible.

  • Anamika

    We live in Canada and watch the programme every day.We are amazed as hoe BIG BOSS is allowing Arman to use abusive language and fight with every one every day. He treats Tanisha also as his (pardon my words) mistress.
    Is this the Indian culture Big Boss wants to reflect in front of the word?
    When Arman is allowed to shout and abuse every one else is following that now and no wonder Kushal also got carried away.
    I am just wondered as how Arman is going to stick around and how long we have to see this CRAP of Arman OR we have to stop watching???????

  • Rajni Bhagat

    armaan tum ko ort se kesi trh bat krana ae tumhre ma bap sikhaya nhi he kya ? tri okhat gtiya he voh pta chl gya he teri okhat kya he ki tu Sangram ko okht btane nikle Sangram ki juti brabr tu nhi he tum Illi Samgram Illi se sikho
    Tanishaa tumhra itna apman hota he fir bhi tum armaan ke piche bhag rhi ho tumko srman chahi he
    Sangram tum aek ache sportman ho tum Bigg Boss me kyu aya tu indian govrv ho Bigg Boss sbse gtiya gtiya gtiya show he Bigg Boss apni TRP ke liye indian klcher ka khun kr rhe he

    • Naina

      Tunney shi speak Kiya boss

  • Rocky

    Sangram singh will win Big boss 7.

    • pam

      I agree he is the best

    • rajendra vyas

      yes sangram will win,,, arman should go out ,we are getting bore with arman, now imam siddique should come. at least he speaks decently.

    • rajendra vyas

      yes sangram will win.arman kutta ko bahar bhagao,

      • Dilbag Singh

        No doubt 10 dogs collectively fights with a Lion(Sangram Singh).He is a international player and earn pride for our country, but these people make insulted India by showing their mean tricks. Who is Gohar, Pritusya, Tanisha, Kamya or Armaan. I tell u, these are the people on screen who earn their livelihood by selling stories of real Hero like Sangram. Shame on you people who insulted Sangram for no reason. He is a good soul. He is not like Gohar, Pritusya, Armaan or Kamya who showed their mind dirt at every step. If player like Sachin come to this show, i think he look for a corner to weep, because of these cheap mentality peoples.

  • gautam

    sanram singh aap baaki sabhi logo se lakh guna acche ho

    and thats why u will win the show.

  • prrr

    Tanisha please Aarman ka saath chod do, tum itni strong hone par bhi ekeli sirf aarman ki wagah se ho.

    I want Tanisha to win Big Boss 7

  • rajendra vyas

    sangram will win, arman kohli is like a barking do thro him out big boss and bring iman siddique for change.

  • Mrinalini

    Why does Gauhar do all the talking?? She never leaves a scope for others to speak… Wat r other housemates doing?? Wake UPPP!! Time for u guys to spk up or Colours ain’t payin u enuf dat you can’t talk…

  • Md.Meraj

    Sangram ji ko kya hua hai? lagta hai wo bimar hai,, srif kho kho kartea hai ,,…..

  • nazakat khan

    i wish sangram shuld win……gouhar nd puee u never give sangram.chance to xplain any thng……..nd sofia u said that armaan is a gentleman……if u call him gentleman tat means u dnt knw the meaning of gentle man………nd tanisha jii u r a good player bt be away frm armaan ……………….i like ajaz khan too kya bhai kyasa hai tu………..