Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 54: Sangram Singh undergoes a lie detector test

Bigg Boss 7

Drama and politics continues to make its presence inside the glass walled house

Looks like the Bigg Boss housemates are now divided into two parties after the Rajneeti task. Both the parties are on a mission of targeting the members of the opposition party in order to prove their own superiority. Early in the day, Gauahar Khan, Ajaz Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Pratyusha Banerjee are seen seated in the garden area where they are discussing the opposition group and pledge to maintain a distance from them in order to avoid further conflicts.

Ajaz Khan offends Tanishaa Mukherji and Sofia Hayat

At the same time, the others are busy accusing Ajaz Khan for offending Tanishaa Mukherji by taking off his shirt in her presence. An infuriated Tanisha goes straight to captain Elli Avram and complains about Ajaz and his disrespectful behavior. Elli tries to solve this issue with Sangram’s help and asks Ajaz to follow the rules of the house. Armaan Kohli overhears this conversation and asks Elli to put this issue in front of Bigg Boss on Tanisha’s behalf. Soon after this, Ajaz repeats the same mistake in Sofia’s presence who tells him to stop misbehaving and respect other people’s space. After their verbal spat, Pratyusha asks him to be a gentleman and not get instigated by anybody’s comments.

Sangram Singh undergoes a lie detector test

Later, Bigg Boss calls Sangram Singh in the confession room and tells him that he needs to go through a lie detector test in order to clear his past record. Bigg Boss throws a volley of questions at him that puts Sangram in a fix. While he gets away with answering all of them, he is unaware of the fact that the housemates are noting his answers and categorizing them as ‘Sach’ or ‘Jhooth’. While most of the housemates do not agree with Sangram’s answers, Andy comes across as the devil’s advocate.

Gauahar Khan gets into a verbal spat with Sangram

At the end of this process, Bigg Boss reveals to Sangram that the housemates were keeping a close check on all his answers and have expressed their opinion. When Sangram steps out, he finds Gauahar being unhappy with his two-faced behavior. She tells Sangram that he can’t be diplomatic every time and needs to take a stance. While Sangram and Gauahar are having this argument, Sofia adds fuel to the fire by calling Gauahar a liar. Sofia gives reference of her statements to Asif Azim , where she lied about Asif making a pass at her.

An emotional outburst in the house

After a lot of emotional upheavals, Bigg Boss surprises everybody by bringing personalized messages from their family and friends. The housemates immediately get seated in front of the TV screen eagerly waiting to hear their messages. While Andy gets a visual treat with a video from his brother, Pratyusha gets a voice message from her parents. Armaan couldn’t contain his tears when he gets a voice message from his mother. Sangram receives a video message from his girlfriend that made him blush while Kamya was given the joy of watching her daughter sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The day that started with fights and arguments finally ends on a happy note ending the ongoing emotional attyachaar in the House…

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  • Chad

    Sangram singh is a well hearted man, He is going to win Bigg boss 7.