Posted Thu, November 14, 2013 8:00pm IST

The situations inside the Bigg Boss 7 house are getting tense by every passing day

The housemates wake up to the song Tel Malish after a tiring and exhausting task. After listing to the song, Pratyusha Banerjee and Tanishaa Mukherji are pining for a massage that will relax their strained bodies.

Tanishaa Mukherji defends Elli Avram

Sofia Hayat complains to Tanishaa about Elli Avram and how she is trying to teach her dressing etiquette. Tanisha tries to defend Elli by saying that she has some reservations and that it is part of her personality.

Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji bitch about Kamya Punjabi

Armaan and Tanishaa are seen talking about their game plan and mention that Kamya Punjabi is one of the strongest players and her true colors came into picture while she was portraying the role of the General. She has two sides to her personality and just pretends to be sweet and polite to everybody.

Kamya is unhappy with Gauahar Khan

Bigg Boss then makes an announcement regarding the luxury budget where Gauahar Khan reads the letter in front of the housemates. After completion of the task, housemates earn 2000 points while Kamya’s secret task fetch them 1000 points making it 3000 in total. However, they end up losing 2000 points as a result of the poor performance by some of the housemates. Kamya also loses points as Gauahar and VJ Andy suspected her for doing a secret task. Along with the deduction of points, Bigg Boss also informed Kamya that she will have to give away her special reward for doing the secret task. Kamya is unhappy with Gauahar as she ruined her task and her reward.

‘Awaaz neeche’ says Andy to Kamya

Later Kamya is called in the confession room and Bigg Boss gave her the responsibility to select two of the best and two of the worst performers after consulting with the other housemates. While making an announcement about this in the living area, Kamya demands for everybody’s support to elect her as the best performer. But Andy and Gauahar contradict her and refuse to vote in her favour. Kamya gets quite disappointed in Gauahar and is seen crying alone in a corner. But to Kamya’s relief, she gets voted as the best performer along with Sangram Singh. However, the housemates realise that there is a tie between Kamya, Tanishaa and Gauahar and it will be unfair on Tanishaa and Gauahar’s part to not be considered as strong contenders. At the same time, Armaan triggers everyone to re- vote, this time in favour Tanishaa. He manipulates Sofia to change her vote while Kamya requests Gauahar to vote her in order to break the tie. But with the majority of people voting for Tanishaa, she is declared to be the best performer while Kamya draws covetous looks.

Sangram and Tanishaa receive a spa treatment

As a reward for being declared as the best performers, Sangram and Tanishaa receive a spa treatment in the bonus room. Sangram and Tanishaa thank Bigg Boss for making them feel so special. To lighten the atmosphere in the house, Bigg Boss then introduced a task where the housemates have to express and communicate through music till the task ends. Ajaz Khan, Elli and Sofia get very excited about the task and display their creativity by weaving words in different songs while Sofia turns of to be the winner and receives a trophy.

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