Posted Tue, November 19, 2013 8:00pm IST

The contestants are losing their patience inside the Bigg Boss 7 house by every passing day

The day kicks off with a sense of excitement as the contestants know that the fun-filled luxury budget task will be assigned to them.

Ajaz Khan – The chocolate boy

Right at the helm, Ajaz calls himself a chocolate boy for the ladies because he flirts with all the female contestants residing in the Bigg Boss house. Taking it one step further, he calculates his love percentage with the female contestants. He claims that Gauahar Khan is 55% in love with him. An annoyed Gauahar, however, chooses to make fun of Ajaz for resorting to childish measures in order to ignore his antics.

Housemates become cops and robbers

Finally, the weekly task, named Chor-Police is announced. As a part of the task, the contestants are being divided into two groups with VJ Andy, Sofia Hayat, Tanishaa Mukherji and Ajaz playing the role of the thieves while Armaan Kohli, Gauahar, Elli Avram and Sangram Singh will be the strong law-abiding cops. Kamya Punjabi, being the Captain of the house, will overlook the task and ensure that all the housemates abide by the rules of the game. As robbers, the contestants have been asked to stealthily rob some of the personal belongings of the cops and sneak them into the store room. If caught red-handed, the police were given the authority to place the robbers in a jail placed in the garden area. The team of cops will not be allowed to patrol the house, but will instead stay in the garden area. Additionally, a briefcase will be placed near the pool tied to a rope which has to be protected by the police. During the course of the task, one member of the police team will be required to hold on to the rope at all times and safeguard the briefcase.

VJ Andy sent to prison

Armaan leads the Police Force and starts to strategize the best way to win the task. Andy takes the lead and decides to kick off the robbing activity. However, his luck runs out as he is apprehended and is sent to prison for his wrongdoings. Soon after, Armaan nabs Ajaz for hiding their belongings in his pocket. At this juncture, Andy is released on bail, but this doesn’t last long as he gets caught red-handed soon after and finds himself back behind bars.

Ajaz successfully steals Armaan’s belongings

As the day progresses, Sofia, Tanishaa and Ajaz plan a strategy to ensure they are able to rob the cops’ belongings. Furthering this plan, Sofia engages Sangram in a conversation to distract him. During this time period, Ajaz steals Armaan’s bag and puts it in the store room. He manages to complete the task just in the nick of time as Elli comes rushing to protect Armaan’s belongings, but is unsuccessful in catching him.

VJ Andy accuses Armaan of physical abuse

Andy continued his strategy of trying to grab hold of any lose possession of cops which was lying around the house. At one such instance, Armaan caught hold of Andy and mistakenly twisted his arms while trying to handcuff him. Getting aggravated by the error, Andy complains to Bigg Boss saying he has been physically abused while Armaan angrily tried to explain his point of view. Bigg Boss intervened before the situation got out of hand and asked both contestants to not over-react to the situation.

Armaan and his apologies

Ajaz tries to further his chocolate boy image by flirting with Gauahar and Elli. However, his strategy backfires when Armaan catches him red-handed and sends him packing to prison. True to his character, Armaan realizes his folly when he calms down in the evening and approaches Andy to mend ways. While Andy accepts the apology and hugs Armaan, he claims to be disappointed with Armaan for constantly picking fights with his fellow housemates. Even as the lights are turned off, the task continues through the night with the cops having to protect the briefcase from the robbers.