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Role reversals are fun in general, but we doubt the inmates of Bigg Boss 7 feel the same

Day 73 in Bigg Boss‘ house screams for revenge – will they get it or not, only time will tell.

Ajaz challenges Gauahar

Today’s the day for role reversals and all the members of Virodhi team are looking forward to giving tasks to the Hukumat team. Taking the game sportingly, Ajaz Khan challenges the opposing team to go ahead and present difficult tasks to them, to which Gauahar Khan tells him that she will ensure it is the worst task day for him. Ajaz agrees to even do the push-ups and weight-lifting tasks. Kamya Punjabi butts in saying that their team will not target the injured contestants like VJ Andy like the way Tanishaa Mukherji targeted Armaan.

Andy has a plan

Andy plots with the team that together they would waste time and utilize this strategy to win the task. The team agrees with his strategy because the task rules do not put a time limit. Only with the intention to tease, Kushal Tandon tells Sangram Singh that he will make him dance to an item number to which Sangram immediately responds that he will not do it.

Hukumat vs Virodhi

Once the task begins, the new Hukumat team steps into the store room to strategise the first task. Ajaz runs behind them and overhears that the first task is being planned for him. In order to avoid the task, Ajaz rushes to the washroom and locks himself inside. The Hukumat team, however, changes their strategy and gives the first task for the day to Andy. He is asked to do 50 push-ups while doing a handstand. Hearing the task, Andy tells the Hukumat team that the task is impossible and that he, along with his team, will discuss this task with the captain. Andy then calls his team members and asks them to waste time. Realising that this is their strategy Gauahar complaints about this and picks up a fight with the opposing team for wasting their time.

Tanishaa vs Armaan

In the heat of the moment, Armaan yells at Tanishaa and she yells right back at him. Hearing this, Armaan gets shocked, but Gauahar calms him down. Finally, Andy gets ready to perform the task.

Sofia – the captain

However, once he starts, the overall situation gets very noisy. Because of this, Sofia Hayat intervenes as captain and decides to not award any points to either of the two teams. The next task is assigned to Ajaz and he is told to shave his head within a span of five minutes. Ajaz refuses to do the task and as per the team’s strategy, starts wasting time again. Sofia intervenes once more and tells him that since the task is not impossible, he will be required to do it if he wishes to earn a point for his team. However, Ajaz blatantly refuses to shave his head and the Hukumat team wins a point.

Boycott and re-election

Later in the day, as Sofia gives the teams a washroom break, the Hukumat team professes their anger. They complaint to Bigg Boss that their captain, i.e. Sofia is unfair and that they immediately wish to elect a new captain, without which they will not continue with the task. The Virodhi team goes to the washroom for their break and wastes more than an hour there. Seeing how everything is moving, the Hukumat team decides to boycott not only the captain, but also the task on a whole.

They stomp into the living room while expressing their frustration towards the opposing team. They also decide that they will not make food for the housemates on that day. Seeing the heated situation, the Virodhi team keeps out of it all and remains calm. However, after some time, Ajaz gets agitated because they pass some personal comments about him. The rest of the team calms him down and asks him to take his revenge later.

Who wins?

As the luxury budget task comes to an end, Andy’s team is declared the winner. Hearing the good news, Sofia does a quick victory dance. As the day draws to a close, Ajaz speaks out about his feelings. He says that the Bigg Boss house and his fellow contestants have taught him a lot of lessons about life. He goes on to say that Kushal and Gauahar have hurt him and he will ensure that he gets his revenge before he leaves the house.

Will Ajaz change his mind? Will the contestants learn to live amicably? Only time will tell…

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