Posted Tue, December 3, 2013 8:11pm IST

Every week, Bigg Boss 7 is fuelled with fights and disputes and this week seems to be no different

Day 79 in the house the inmates become toy makers and fight like immature kids.

Kushal insecure

Early in the morning Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon are seen talking to each other about avoiding Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji. Gauahar and Kushal have openly admitted that they hate the fact that Armaan is back in the house after getting evicted over the weekend. They are looking at his re-entry as a challenge because it has now reduced their chances of winning the show. However, later in the day, Kushal gets  disappointed to see Gauahar mingling with Armaan and treating him with a lot of respect.

Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory

The luxury budget task for the day is announced, Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory. The task brings to the forefront major differences that exist amongst the contestants. The task requires contestants to be divided into two teams and collect raw materials from the factory machine in order to manufacture toys. As captain, Gauahar is assigned the position of the Managing Director of the factory – meaning she will not be involved in the production process. Team A comprises of Armaan, Tanishaa, Sangram Singh and VJ Andy while Team B includes Sofia Hayat, Kushal, Ajaz Khan and Kamya Punjabi. Armaan and Sofia are further made the managers of their respective teams who will supervise the manufacturing of toys. The contestants find the task to be quite exciting and they move into the Garden area to carry it out.

Kushal and Armaan fight

Raw materials roll in through a conveyor belt and Kushal and Armaan are seen arguing over it. As Managing Director, Gauahar makes a boundary from where the raw materials can be picked up. However, Kushal still makes an attempt to cheat thereby enraging Armaan. Armaan then gets into an altercation with Kushal. When Gauahar sides with Kushal, Armaan blatantly mentions that she is being partial towards Kushal ‘coz of their relationship.

Kushal quits

Kushal calls Armaan a cheater which leads to a big fight between the two where they hurl names and abuses at each other. Since the task is being carried out in the Garden area, the heat soon gets unbearable for the contestants. Kushal and Ajaz decide to boycott the task and move back inside the house. This worries Kamya because their team will be unable to achieve their goals if they work at half capacity. She tells Ajaz to continue with the task, but he refuses.

Sofia is dumb

Seeing the behaviour of her team, Sofia and Armaan join hands and decide to approve all the toys. As a result of her added duties, Sofia stops contributing towards the production and this annoys Kushal. Upset with his comments, Sofia tells Kushal to quietly complete his own duties at which he calls her dumb because her absence from the production line is affecting the team’s productivity. Worried about the amount of time being wasted, Gauahar steps in and resolves the matter.

Armaan’s team leads the task

As evening crawls in, the first-cut results are shared with the Managing Director Gauahar and she learns that Armaan’s team is in the lead. Seeing this, Kushal gets insecure about his team’s performance and starts demanding for more raw materials. Gauahar tries to control the matter, but Ajaz tries to steal raw materials and Armaan takes away all the cotton that has been provided to them. During the altercation, Kushal hurts himself and decides to quit the task for good.

Graveyard shift

Amidst all the drama, Armaan announces that his team will continue the task till the very end and will also send the toys out without approval if required. Seeing tempers flying and egos flaring, Gauahar tries to control both teams and convinces them to continue with the task. In fact, Bigg Boss also announces an additional order which increases the load on both teams, while giving them the option to work through the night and meet the requirements.

Will Armaan and his team who have been working non-stop continue to work through the night and win the task after gaining control of most of the raw materials?

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