Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 79: Is Kushal Tandon a quitter?

Posted Tue, December 3, 2013 8:11pm IST

Every week, Bigg Boss 7 is fuelled with fights and disputes and this week seems to be no different

Day 79 in the house the inmates become toy makers and fight like immature kids.

Kushal insecure

Early in the morning Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon are seen talking to each other about avoiding Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji. Gauahar and Kushal have openly admitted that they hate the fact that Armaan is back in the house after getting evicted over the weekend. They are looking at his re-entry as a challenge because it has now reduced their chances of winning the show. However, later in the day, Kushal gets  disappointed to see Gauahar mingling with Armaan and treating him with a lot of respect.

Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory

The luxury budget task for the day is announced, Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory. The task brings to the forefront major differences that exist amongst the contestants. The task requires contestants to be divided into two teams and collect raw materials from the factory machine in order to manufacture toys. As captain, Gauahar is assigned the position of the Managing Director of the factory – meaning she will not be involved in the production process. Team A comprises of Armaan, Tanishaa, Sangram Singh and VJ Andy while Team B includes Sofia Hayat, Kushal, Ajaz Khan and Kamya Punjabi. Armaan and Sofia are further made the managers of their respective teams who will supervise the manufacturing of toys. The contestants find the task to be quite exciting and they move into the Garden area to carry it out.

Kushal and Armaan fight

Raw materials roll in through a conveyor belt and Kushal and Armaan are seen arguing over it. As Managing Director, Gauahar makes a boundary from where the raw materials can be picked up. However, Kushal still makes an attempt to cheat thereby enraging Armaan. Armaan then gets into an altercation with Kushal. When Gauahar sides with Kushal, Armaan blatantly mentions that she is being partial towards Kushal ‘coz of their relationship.

Kushal quits

Kushal calls Armaan a cheater which leads to a big fight between the two where they hurl names and abuses at each other. Since the task is being carried out in the Garden area, the heat soon gets unbearable for the contestants. Kushal and Ajaz decide to boycott the task and move back inside the house. This worries Kamya because their team will be unable to achieve their goals if they work at half capacity. She tells Ajaz to continue with the task, but he refuses.

Sofia is dumb

Seeing the behaviour of her team, Sofia and Armaan join hands and decide to approve all the toys. As a result of her added duties, Sofia stops contributing towards the production and this annoys Kushal. Upset with his comments, Sofia tells Kushal to quietly complete his own duties at which he calls her dumb because her absence from the production line is affecting the team’s productivity. Worried about the amount of time being wasted, Gauahar steps in and resolves the matter.

Armaan’s team leads the task

As evening crawls in, the first-cut results are shared with the Managing Director Gauahar and she learns that Armaan’s team is in the lead. Seeing this, Kushal gets insecure about his team’s performance and starts demanding for more raw materials. Gauahar tries to control the matter, but Ajaz tries to steal raw materials and Armaan takes away all the cotton that has been provided to them. During the altercation, Kushal hurts himself and decides to quit the task for good.

Graveyard shift

Amidst all the drama, Armaan announces that his team will continue the task till the very end and will also send the toys out without approval if required. Seeing tempers flying and egos flaring, Gauahar tries to control both teams and convinces them to continue with the task. In fact, Bigg Boss also announces an additional order which increases the load on both teams, while giving them the option to work through the night and meet the requirements.

Will Armaan and his team who have been working non-stop continue to work through the night and win the task after gaining control of most of the raw materials?

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  • Vivek Singh

    madharchod arman

  • ayesha

    Everyone knows that armaan is anger fellow but now a days he is changed entirely and stopped abusing others (not totally, but much improved). but the other contestants idiot azaz, kushal, blady sophia are wantedly provoking armaan to behave as first he used to do. This is not at all correct. Everyone are calling armaan is flop. Are these 2 idiots(kushal, azaz) are really super stars of television. May be armaan is a flop hero but atleast he is earning his own money from other sources. he is not depending on his father. Then why people are blaming him as a flop son of super producer. This is not the way of playing game in the big boss.

    • Sayantani Dara

      I agree..

      • RG

        You really are an idiot to not be able to see this…think of someone like armaan coming in your life….and one week he is fine forgetting what all he has said and done, he is such a cheap person with a highly inflated ego

        • Mohammod Rahman

          I egree he is a sham for all man

    • Nikhil

      Another PR activists of Armaan.

      • Saurabh Arora

        I hate that Arman fellow, but even If Ayesha is a PR activist, not a word is wrong!

        • Tia


      • Mohammod Rahman

        Well said

    • Tina

      Those who are nominated r just using armaan to get cheap publicity..
      They know it very well whoever fights with armaan r always safe…so these cheap 3 idiots r doin the same..

  • Nimisha Thapa

    Arman kohli should be evicted from the house…..

  • Mohammod Rahman

    I naver seen in my life like armaan , he is totaly dirty , and shame for all man

    • Nikhil

      Totally Agreed.

      • RG


    • rabi

      U r absolutely right.

  • RG

    Salman should stop the full on soft porn between armaan and tanisha, he clearly favors the film folks forgetting where all these people including salman are…on TV

  • purple jackson

    ARMAAN is a big CHUTIYA of the house, tanisha ko to bahar jaake dikhayega din mein taare…and tanisha shame on you, atleast apni family ko to armaan se compare karke dekha hota!

  • purple jackson

    armaan should be evicted …koi mazaa nahi araha saale ki chakkkepanti mein

  • purple jackson

    armaan is the dirtiest player of the house, saale tu to punjabiyon ka bhi naam badnaam kar raha hai

  • purple jackson

    all punjabis out there, i want to ask u all…kya punjabis armaan kohli jaise hote hain?????????????bilkul nahi…he is even spoiling the name of punjabis

    • Deepa

      Not all the punjabis are like Kushal too. He is no less than armaan when it comes to fighting. He is the biggest loser of all. He hasn’t complete even one task properly. He is a big time quitter and a crybaby.

      • Ravi Seshadri

        I agree with Deepa, So far I have observed all tasks and he has not even completed one of them. As I see Armaan has tried to achieve many. More over he was backed by Gauhar, Pratyusha, Kamya also before. And these girls made use of Andy to favor Armaan. Now he is not wanted by them just for one reason that Tanisha is with him. But as I have sen fully Tanisha is not bad, She is just with him from the day she started. and she is maintaining it. Though bad or good. Gauhar will know what is real Kushal after she is out of Bigg boss house. I have seen him drunk and fallen in streets also.

  • Mohammod Rahman

    Well done kushal , he deserve it …….?

  • Mohammod Rahman

    Well done kushal , u did the good job , he desarve it

    • Tina

      Kushal is the Biggest Loser ever…
      Just fighting with armaan cuz he is nominated n doin cheap publicity..Loser

    • Nitin Sharma

      ARMAAN after re-entry has changed a bit & luks Cool n Calm. Now KUSHAL seems to be Provoking ARMAAN & Ajaz & Sofia r adding Fuel to d Fire….Kushal always Quits Tasks in b/w and make excuses on others like dis time he is using Armaan…Kushal wz a Looser and still he is…..

      • Deepa

        You are absolutely correct. Kushal is a big loser. He is doing this so he won’t get evicted this time. I am shocked that Gahar thinks that Sangram is a weak player so if she nominates him then Kushal will be safe. LOL what a joke. Sangram is the strongest player like armaan and tanisha. Kushal cheap bastard is done this week. Can’t wait for Saturday. By the way I am pure punjaban and haven’t seen a cheap punjabi like Kushal in my entire life.

  • maryam

    we biycot the bigg boss7 because bbg aur salman is main sub kay sath unfair karahay hai salaman aur bbg nay jopayment lai hai armaan aur tanshia ki famliysay woh unfair hai yah seaseon bhaut hi cheap tha tanshia jaiss cheap lark ko win karwa tou leo per jab writsub kay samnay ayga tou sub cheap word use karay gy

    • Tia

      maryam…don’t you have any brain of yours?….would you buy anything told by Gauhar,kushal and Eijaaz….and how do you know that Tanisha cheap ladki hai…I know you type women like kushal type cheap ladke doesn’t mean that you’ll say anything about Tanisha..if you like kushal ask him to marry you…agar tu rich hai to wo to tujhse bhi shaadi kar lega..I hope you are a girl..but don’t worry agar boy bhi ho to kushal won’t mind…that guy is too cheap to mind anything

  • Vakar Ahmad

    bigg boss is also responsible for hatred spreading in the show between contestant, armaan, tanisha and andy should not be in a team and kushal & aijaz should not be in same team. but this big boss step put more anger in their behavior and spoiled the show’s charm. bigg boss, u r ruining the show’s charm, u should interfere when ever fight occurs but ur silence creating more conflicts between contestant, armaan shouting to every one including girls, till when we will see his nonsense.

  • Vakar Ahmad

    andy i likes u very much as a good entertainer but u r not a entertainer more now, u r involving in politics which u don’t have any need. please andy, come back to ur original character for which peoples likes u.

  • Teresa Daniel

    BB is clever by putting orange team in the shade and blue team to work in the sun. who would work with the sun directly hitting on you? they should have made the place where the gym/sitting area is for the blue team. its been very clear from the beginning who are Armaan’s and Tanisha’s friends and who they themselves are keeping in good books with everyone. Its been clear since KT was removed from the house that there are two teams. Gauhar did sincerely consider Andy & Sangram as friends but they betrayed her. Armaan choose to send Andy to hell and Tanisha choose to send Andy to hell and all is forgotten. Yes Andy is getting too personal. Salman said to KT that drinking water from dog’s bowl is not a big deal …. unless Salman considers KT a dog ?? I’d like to see Salman, Elli, Tanisha, Armaan, Andy and Sangram drink from the dog’s bowl which had a grasshopper inside. Armaan changed after he met Tanisha in hell and left Kamya & Pratuysha whom he went all out for till Tanisha came in the picture and this was voiced by Pratuysha who had the guts to say it, but Kushal changes after Gauhar and its a big deal. you ask why Kushal gets jealous about Ajaz ? well, its obvious he’s watched the episodes and knows Ajaz’s agenda and determination to show Gauhar what a man really is but KT can’t tell anyone about what he’s seen? KT thinks Gauhar is being jealous or gets irritated everytime KT speaks to Tanisha and I feel rightly so as we as audience can see that Tanisha is using KT to her advantage as he really truly considers her a “sister” now and she said it as well that she doesn’t believe this bhai bhai thing. Tanisha pushes Kushal quite a number of times violently and even admits to BB about it but Kushal gets looked down upon and Tanisha gets away scott free but Sophia as we will see from today’s episode which will be aired pushes Armaan and gets a warning from BB? where’s the woman aspect now? will india support Sophia? Armaan has a bad mouth and has not been reprimanded about it…. he got angry with Andy for bringing his father’s name and now Armaan brings up Sophia’s family? He’s trying to provoke KT as well just because he’s seen a few selected clips courtesy of BB’s attempt to add fuel to the fire. KT has also seen alot while he was outside and has only advised everyone and not said anything about what’s he’s watched on the episodes.

    • Demelza

      well written…very true..arman tanisha losers…luv u Kushal Gauhar Tandon

    • Tia

      wo Tanisha ko kitna sister manta hai..he proved by his actions…looks like you treat your sisters also kushal’s way

  • RM

    Gauahar, Kushal and Izaz are very
    political. Izaz is a big DOG roaming left and right of Kushal and Gauahar without
    any of his decision.
    Gauahar stop the toy factory work saying they’ll continue next day with fresh mind because Kushal wanted to take rest giving foolish excuse
    that he is injured – He was fine within some minutes.
    Kushal is the quitter shameless person. Izaz is lair and double faced person.

  • Nitin Sharma

    # Luk frnz..ARMAAN after re-entry has changed a bit & luks Cool n Calm. Now KUSHAL seems to be Provoking ARMAAN & Ajaz & Sofia r adding Fuel to d Fire….Kushal always Quits Tasks in b/w and make excuses on others like dis time he is using Armaan…Kushal wz a Looser and still he is…..

    # Sofia is really Dumb, she doesn’t know anything, she just speaks n reacts with people’s mind….

    # Gauhar jo dikhti hai wo hai ni…SHE is super Clever n using Kushal. Her problem is dat she belives ki wo jo sochti & karti hai, woh Sahi hai…Agar koi uske against voice raise krta hai then wo Behas krne lgti hai…Wo kbi apne thoughts ko wrong ni smjhti

    # ANDY, Sangram & Tanisha Shud be *WINNERS*

    • Mohammod Rahman

      There is no surprise if armaan tanisha win bcoz bb7 is biased , bb7 only for tanisha and armaan

  • Ravi Seshadri

    Whatever!! Kushal is real quitter. As I have seen in all his tasks, he will have one or another reason to escape from it. Big looser. I don’t understand wha did Gauhar has seen in him. Looks like Gauhar’s brain is not working.

  • Kate

    Kushal is so cheap… he cant even work or stand in dhoop… even Ajaz n Sofia are so irritating… Sofia looks like an idiot..

  • Kate

    Kamaya’s efforts going in vein…

  • Kate

    Gauhar is sky high… and Kushal is very cheap…why did she accept his proposal?

  • Karan

    I hate kushal :( He is so shameless to make fun of a very beautiful lady like Tanisha.

  • Tia

    Kushal is the worst person in BigBoss house…I just hope he gets kicked out this week

  • Tia

    wow..Tanisha looks so pretty in this picture with sofia…Tanisha sure is beautifull

  • Suhail Khalid Ch

    Kushal should evicted this week. he is not playing a fair taking. he is taking the edge of Gauahar. ejaz is also a stupid one.

  • Suhail Khalid Ch

    May Allah Tanishaa Mukherji win the Bigg Boss 7 Title. Amin

  • Guest

    kushal and armaan r equally badtameez.kushal

  • Anu

    kushal n armaan r equally badtameez.sick attitude ppl. kushal s a loser who still sticks t aijaz n sofia evn though they said all sort of shit abt him JUS to fight agains arman. both shd b evicted b4 finale.

  • Promod Sahani

    KUSHAL ROCKS! a true person!

    Armaan/Tanisha are idiots & double dholkis lol!