Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 81: Why did Kushal Tandon and Armaan Kohli give up captaincy?

Posted Thu, December 5, 2013 8:37pm IST

Bigg Boss 7 changes the contestants way of thinking and loyalty every second

Day 81 in the house, loyalties shift and new captain is elected.

Kushal and Ajaz gang up

They say that two friends bond better over a common enemy and this phenomenon seems to have occurred in the Bigg Boss House as Kushal Tandon seems to enjoy his bond with Ajaz Khan after their spat with Armaan Kohli. As the sun comes up, Gauahar Khan wakes up feeling very happy as she realises that her captaincy is coming to an end. She claims to be completely fed up of overseeing the task and managing her fellow housemates.

Kushal gets lazy

However, her glee doesn’t last for long as Kushal says that he will only do a little bit of cleaning and no other chore in the house. Gauahar feels upset upon hearing this and tries to convince him, but Kushal walks away refusing to see reason. Gauahar also notices Ajaz supporting Kushal and finds their collective behaviour extremely weird. Seeing this, Kamya Punjabi steps in and speaks to Ajaz about completing his responsibilities. While she is dealing with Ajaz, Gauahar and Kushal also make up.

Sofia and Armaan in the radar

Later in the day, the housemates are asked to pick out the worst performers of the task. The housemates take a long time to decide because two distinct groups have been formed inside the Bigg Boss house with each wanting to target their opposition. After intense discussions, all the housemates vote for their respective choices as a result of which Armaan and Sofia Hayat find themselves as the nominated contestants.

Wrecking Ball

Bigg Boss later makes an announcement about a ‘Wrecking Ball’ task in which the weakest contestants, Armaan and Sofia, will compete. The losing contestant from this task will find himself/herself nominated for next week’s evictions. Armaan and Sofia enter the activity room to see the housemates lined up for the task. Their contribution to the task is that they will throw the wrecking ball at Armaan and Sofia. Sangram Singh pushes the ball first towards Sofia and kicks off the task.

Tanishaa gets nasty and personal

Tanishaa Mukherji makes some personal remarks about Gauahar who overhears what is being said. Gauahar feels disgusted by the backbiting and breaks down. Kushal calms her down and they both decide to avoid Tanishaa and Armaan. While this is going on, Armaan and VJ Andy can be seen making fun of Ajaz’s performance in the Wrecking Ball task. Tanishaa joins into their conversation and together, the trio, have a good laugh.

Ajaz – butt of jokes

Feeling targeted from all sides, Ajaz tries to create differences between Kushal and Gauahar. However, he is unable to do that as Kushal laughs at him and says that his relationship with Gauahar is based on a lot of trust. Ajaz tests Gauahar’s patience and her trust by speaking about Kushal’s past experience with girls.

New captains

To Gauahar’s joy, a captaincy task named ‘Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Jaa’ is announced. As a part of the task, the housemates are required to sit inside the car without a washroom and food break and the ones who steps out will no longer be in the running for captaincy. The contestants are asked to enter the car only after they hear the task alarm. As the contestants run towards the car to get seated, Armaan finds himself left out of the car. Andy tries to make some space for him, but Armaan, feeling bad, decides to not enter the car. Soon after, Kushal feels suffocated and decides to quit the task.

Will Andy survive till the end and finally realize his dream of becoming the captain of the Bigg Boss house?

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  • Neyam

    I feel like Kushal is going to be eliminated this week… As much as I like you Kushal, your behavior in the house is going to hurt you…. I have nothing against you my friend….
    Just be prepared to take the heat from Salmaan, hes gonna be on top you
    And Aarman, ur a complete IDIOT…. I hope god teaches you how to respect women, and you should think about getting some help for your anger…. lol, ANGER PROBLEMS. lol

    • Vakar Ahmad

      agreed, kushal can be eliminated and salman (biased host of all seasons) can be flare on kushal and aijaz due to his biased mindset. salman’s attitude made this show more boring and respect for salman is going dwon. armaan is the no.1 idiot in this show, don’t know to respect any women also, i doubt that he respect his mothers or not. whats wrong with tanisha, y she is targeting gauhar for no reasons, y she is passing personal comments to her and more surprisingly andy is helping her and he also bitching about gauhar and salman will again ignore this in coming weekend, he will not say anything to tanisha and andy on this bitching.

      • Mohammod Rahman

        Totaly egreed

    • Mohammod Rahman

      Well said

  • poonam

    Salman u r baised jindagi me kbhi tumhe dard
    nai hua jo tum kushal k dard ka mazak udha
    Rahe the tanisha se shadi kr lo tum perfect jodi
    Kushal agar stand leta hai gauhar sofia ya kud
    k liye usme itne guds hai jo tum me toh nai
    Hai u r very cheap salman hate u jb tum sat
    Sun aate ho or nafrat hoti hai tumse thanks
    To kushal uski vajah se tumhara chera samne
    Aaya tum bahut galat fyada uthate ho apni position ka tanisha ko kuch na bolna arman
    p chilana nai tumhe ye toh saha hi nai ja raha
    kushal gauhar sath hai .pehle ajaz ko bich me
    Dal rahe the kuch hua nai .kushal gouhar u r
    winner tum sath me bahut ache lagte ho.

  • poonam

    Plz change host of bb salman is very cheap voh arman ko kuch nai kehta or kushal jisne gauhar k liye stand liya agar koi andy ne jo
    Harkt ki vahi krta toh true frd kushal ki tarah
    hi behave krna chaiye kushal u r true frd. Arman jo hr hafte gali deta hai voh sai hai tumhare liye.tanisha u r cheap tum apni
    Family ka naam kharab kr rahi ho kushal k mom dad ko apne bete p proud krna chaiye
    tanisha tumhare jiju or mom dono hi sharmida
    Ho rahe honge tum p very cheap tanisha arman both of u…

  • poonam

    Kushal u r a true winner salman u r kutta kamina cheap chutiya . Meri dua bhagvan se ki tum hamesha k liye jail chale jao . .
    Kushal tum bahut sache ho or kushal tum hi big boss jitne k layak ho . Tanisha u r so cheap

    • Rathin Kumar Das

      You are crazy and out of your mind. Salman is very true to the situation. Kushal is no hero, his looks and gestures with style are street side and non-classy. Many such struggles or much much better than him have come and gone over the years.

      • Nim Mann

        Atleast wat kushal has achieved in these years is better than wat arman has done in 47yrs.. flop hero..

    • Rathin Kumar Das

      Kushal could possibly do well in films as a villain only. That too if luck prevails for him. He looks like any other person on the streets

      • Nim Mann

        Uncle ji.. aisi bate bolna shobha nahi deta apko.. btw v saw ur pic too.. apse to accha hi dikhta hai kushal..

  • Rathin Kumar Das

    Sangram and Tanisha are the best contestant in Big Boss. Gauhar has a black and dirty mind.

    • karishma

      saale chootye……..dirty mind kisko bolra re

      • Rathin Kumar Das

        You are blinded. Try and read her mind she is not in love with Kushal and that’s not her as original.

  • poonam

    Salman y u always care for tanisha .do u love her tanesha u r a girl who have no character u have a dirty mind u always do over react tum aarman to tumhe shoes pay rakhta hai or tum uske hi like ho .tum gohar ke liye kehte ho ki vo armaam pay line marti hai jab ke gohar us buddhe ko dekhte bhi nahi hai

  • poonam

    Kushal is true winner . Salman u r very day u r side line from people.
    Kushal become a bigg hero. We pray to god
    one day its possible weakend ka wow kushal k
    Sath .i m sure he is better than .and truly host
    Bb he can never partial to anyone .kushal gauhar love u both

  • Rajinder Kumar

    Salman has lost his ground as a host … the “Weekend ka Wow” has became “Weekend ki Bhadaas” by Salman Khan …. apart from the personal life and behaviour of contestants, I would say that Gauhar Khan has played the most Fair game in this show … Kushal, Gauhar and their friends are apparently and constantly being targeted by Salman … I think show ka result kuchh bhi ho jo log Dil jeet ke jayenge woh Gauhar, Kaamya, Kushal, Aijaz hai … aur Tanisha, Armaan and Salman apni respect khud hi loose kar rahe hain …

  • Rathin Kumar Das

    Doesn’t matter, both are no contenders

  • Tia

    people stop commenting on these blogs…kushal’s pr activists are trying to degrade salman khan’s image….whoever you like just vote for them during eviction….posting any comments here is a waste of time….from now onwards I am going to only vote for my favourite instead of commenting here for anyone….lets show kushal’s pr that votes are which going to count to win BigBoss…not his cheap publicity

    • Nim Mann

      Salman khan s image got degraded d day he started pampering tanisha.. looks like u tattisha s PR.. anyways, v don’t gv a damn abt votes n polls.. cuz v know evrything s already fixed by Bigg boss

  • Nim Mann

    Sat-sun aya matlab gauhar kushal ki class lega Salman.. weekend ka bhow bhow Salman ke saath