Posted Fri, December 6, 2013 8:00pm IST

Equations are changing in the Bigg Boss 7 house by every passing day

After weeks of Will He, Won’t He, Andy finally makes it as the Captain of the Bigg Boss house. As the day kicks off, Sofia Hayat continues to be upset about the way Armaan Kohli has been treating her.

While she breaks down once more, Armaan is seen repenting about his behaviour and feels a strong urge to apologize to her.

Ajaz Khan threatens Kushal Tandon

Ajaz and Kushal who bonded during the task are also seeing having some differences. Ajaz had stolen a toy during the task, named it Romeo and kept it in his bags to give it to his son. Kushal is seen grabbing hold of the doll and thrashing it. An irritated Ajaz asks him to stop, but Kushal continues with his brash behaviour. However, he quickly stops troubling Ajaz when the latter threatens to reveal Kushal’s secrets to Gauahar Khan. Seeing the sudden change in Kushal’s demeanour, Gauahar is stunned and demands an explanation from Kushal.

Celebration time in the house

As the day drags on, Bigg Boss decides to change the gloomy atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house for which he calls Andy to the confession room. Bigg Boss then goes on to give him a secret task of creating an environment of fun and frolic amongst the contestants. In order to ensure that he is able to fulfil his task, Andy calls on Ajaz and shares the details with him. Ajaz gets excited on hearing about the task and immediately agrees to join hands with Andy to entertain the housemates.

Armaan tells Tanishaa to maintain a distance from him

While Andy is being assigned the task, Armaan is sitting dejected by all the personal remarks that have been made about him and he is seen telling Tanishaa Mukherji that he wants some peace inside the Bigg Boss house. Tanishaa hugs him and calms him down. But owing to the closeness that she has been showcasing before the contestants, Armaan warns her to maintain a distance from him especially because there are too many cameras inside and around the house.

Ajaz turns into a beautiful ‘Haseena’

Kicking off the task, Ajaz enters the living area – where the other contestants are seated – wearing one of Sofia’s short dresses. Seeing this, Kushal starts teasing him. However, the contestants are unable to keep a straight face for long and they burst out laughing at Ajaz’s behaviour. In fact, even Heaven is shocked to see Ajaz in a dress, owing to which he starts chasing Ajaz. Taking pot-shots at the contestants, Ajaz compares Tanishaa and Armaan to Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. Ajaz also sweetly salutes the love and understanding that the two share with each other.

Laughter riot in the house

To fulfil the requirements of the secret task, Andy organizes a talk show for the housemates in the living room where he takes jibes at his fellow housemates. He pokes fun at Kushal’s swollen shoulder while Ajaz joins in and makes a jest of Armaan’s anger. Ajaz, in fact, also spoke about his own habit of talking to the cameras late at night. Armaan and Tanishaa have a great time during the ‘show’ and are seen appreciating Ajaz’s entertainer avatar.

Housemates celebrate Sofia’s birthday

As the secret task comes to an end, Bigg Boss calls Andy to the confession room and congratulates him for a job well done. He also informs Andy that the next day is Sofia’s birthday and the team of Bigg Boss is organizing a surprise birthday party for her which will unfold at midnight. As the clock strikes 12, birthday music starts playing inside the house and a cake is waiting for Sofia in the garden area which the contestants cut together.

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