Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 89: Why is Tanishaa Mukherji angry at Armaan Kohli?

Posted Fri, December 13, 2013 8:00pm IST

The competition is getting tougher as Bigg Boss 7 is approaching it’s Grand Finale

The 89th day in the Bigg Boss 7 house kicks off and the contestants are finding it unbelievable that their fellow housemates Kamya Punjabi and Sangram Singh continue to live under the box.

Tired of them being inside the box, Ajaz Khan and Armaan Kohli threaten to throw more trash at them to make them move. Tired of staying crouched, Kamya and Sangram decided to step out of the box with mutual agreement. Seeing them emerge, all the contestants congratulate them on their achievement.

Sangram beats Kamya

Later, in the afternoon, Bigg Boss calls the housemates to the living area and tells them that the task would be considered a draw because neither Kamya nor Sangram let the other person win. The contestants are then informed that they would need to vote for their favourite contestant between Kamya and Sangram and that the contestant with the most votes would be considered the winner. The entire house vote for their respective favourites, but it’s a tie once again. In the end, Bigg Boss asks VJ Andy, as captain of the house, to vote for his favourite. Andy selects Sangram and makes him the winner.

Ajaz instigates the housemates against Andy

Unhappy with the outcome, Ajaz tries to instigate the contestants against Andy saying that the latter is playing a shrewd and dirty game. He also adds that Andy’s sharp mind could make him a potential winner. While Ajaz is discussing this, Tanishaa Mukherji is seen annoyed at Armaan because he is spending more time with her ‘enemies’ inside the Bigg Boss house, Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon.

Housemates cheat in the task given by Bigg Boss

Soon after, another task is introduced for the buying of items for the luxury budget wherein the housemates have to wear binoculars and play football. The ball carries items and the contestants get a total of five minutes to complete the task. As the task begins, the housemates start kicking the ball into the goal. However, Bigg Boss soon cancels the task because the contestants cheated by removing their binoculars from their eyes.

Armaan makes Tanishaa cry

While Armaan along with the other housemates are seated in the garden area chit-chatting, Tanishaa makes a sudden exit from the conversation creating an awkward situation for Armaan. He soon finds Tanishaa seated in the lobby of the washroom and out of concern, he decides to discuss the matter with her. Tanishaa point blank tells Armaan that his closeness towards Kushal and Ajaz has been bothering her and advices Armaan to maintain a distance from them. Armaan, however, disagrees with Tanishaa and tells her that she is dumping her personal issues on him. Armaan also tells her that she might not like to spend time or talk to the other housemates, but he can’t pick a fight with others because of her ego. When Tanishaa fails to understand Armaan point of view, Armaan tells Tanishaa that he will not talk to any of the counterparts if that is what she is expecting out of him. To this Tanishaa reacts by removing her mike and breaks down alone in the washroom.

Housemates turn music composers

As evening approaches, Bigg Boss announces the Revital task for which the contestants are divided into two teams. Both teams are asked to compose a song that best highlights their journey on the show. They are then called to the activity room where they are asked to perform the songs that they have created.

Tanishaa and Armaan are still upset with each other

As the day draws to a close, Armaan and Tanishaa continue to remain upset with each other and even go to sleep without eating dinner. Ajaz and Sangram tried to make peace between them, but they ignore them and head to bed.

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  • durga

    It will be Arman’s foolness if he marry Tanisha. She will separate him from his family and friends. She is a broken family child. So she always have insecurity and mental conflict.

    • Rabia Haroon

      Well said durga she gets almost hysterical if someone calls her insecure as she doesn’t want to admit the fact n always accuse others 4 being unfair n insecure its her serious psychological condition. Poor guhar has to deal with tanisha n salman,s mental issues all the time they both relate her to their own lives miseries unnecessarily.

  • vic

    How wud u guys react if someone close to you wud call u insecure one too many times without cause. She cudnt help if shez frm a broken family. Grow up guys don’t have such narrow brains

  • Kunsang Choedon

    You could clearly see the difference between gauhar and tanisha. Gauhar never once objected Kushar for talking to Arman or Tanisha whereas Tanisha is squealing like a pig with some pinch of hissy fits at Arman for talking with Kushal and Aijaz. Its actually quite funny to see when Arman totally snubbed her. She got burned!!!!!! lol

    • S.viki

      Right!!! lol

  • nisha

    It takes some time to realize ones mistake,Tanisha will surely come out of it.tanisha is wrong.Gauhar hAS over and again humiliated tanisha with kushal.Gobar snaps at tanisha every time she tries to talks.which person can forgive this?Gobar is so dominating that she will prove she is right every time .but jst because a person is loud does not mean she is right.

  • Sunny

    She is THE most ‘insecure’ contestant of this season…who has just come this far only with Armaan & Andy’s support…never misses any opportunity to b***h about Gauhar to her close co-contestants as have been watching Live Feed regularly & apparently those clippings are never shown in any of the episodes or in the uncensored videos too…!!! And what dignity does she show when she back bites only about Gauhar & especially making personal comments like ‘Rs100 DVD etc for ‘Kushal n Gauhar’, etc…(which was never even mentioned let alone discussed or objected to by the host on the so-called weekend ka wow!!!) when she’s herself drooling all over Armaan all the time….!! She comes across as a real ‘despo’ who I feel has created the ‘rift’ between Gauhar n Andy’s friendship, poisoned Elli’s mind against Gauhar & her group, shows sweet n innocent side of hers to Sangram and undoubtedly plays a major role in keeping Armaan away from intermingling with the rest of the members in the house too…& to me, well she is the most craftiest, cunning, shrewd n dirtiest player of them all…!! Have been following Bigg Boss 7 from UK & been voting online too…and would be greatly disappointed if Tanisha is declared the winner of this season…!! High time the host n Bigg Boss’s creative team show her the exit door, of course with ‘pride n dignity’..!!!!

    • Dallas TX

      do you really watch this show? rift between Andy and Gobar because of Tanisha?

      • Sunny

        I certainly do..!!!! She indeed has made sure that the gap between Andy n Gauhar Khan’s friendship always stays wide as she’s alwayssssss gossiping to abt Gauhar to Andy…!! I’m not debating abt the particular incident that took place between Kushal & Andy but since that day she’s taken full due advantage of the situation to play her cards against Gauhar…!!! She is no friends with Andy as he’s just a support or rather voting bank for her…!! Tanisha on her own without Armaan, Andy & Sangram was not capable of winning any of the tasks…!!! Just one day without Armaan had shaken her & she then started patching up with Kamiya too…I mean, c’mon give us a break woman…!!! I never stated that I am any big fan of Gauhar but applaud her the way she conducted herself & stood with strength n dignity in the house in Kushal’s absence..!!

        • Vakar Ahmad

          totally agreed with u sunny, u said 100% truth about gauhar, tanisha and about this show. Tanisha has no dignity as a women when she passed cheap DVD comment about gauhar and neither BB nor salman (so-called being human) took notice of that.

        • Neethu

          Sunny, well said. Tanisha is so insecure and has no dignity left. She is no friend’s with Andy or anyone in the house. She is just using others for her own benefit. If she is really independent and secure she would not have made peace with Kamya immediately after Armaan’s exit. She knew she needs a strong support to exist. Also if she was such loyal friend of Andy she would have given Andy her vote for leadership nomination. Only coz that day Armaan was upset with Andy she voted for Sofia (I think).
          Tanisha is such a fake person and I truly wish she exits this week.

    • sandhya

      well said

    • S.viki


    • Kunsang Choedon

      Wow that’s sad how BB edit everything at his own likes. This season is all about ‘bias’ and ‘bollywood fraternity’

  • bb7


  • Jacqui

    From a viewers point of view, Tanisha needs serious help. She seems to have a problem with everyone & about everything.