Bigg Boss 7 diaries day 92: Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan locked in the store room. View pics!

Posted Mon, December 16, 2013 8:02pm IST

The shock following Kamya Punjabi’s exit is just about settling inside the Bigg Boss 7 house

Speaking out for the first time, Gauahar Khan voices her opinion about the eviction and makes the housemates feel guilty.

Gauhar wants Kamya to win

According to Gauahar, Kamya was a strong contender on Bigg Boss, who deserved to be a part of the Grand Finale and even win the show. Guilt starts to creep in Ajaz Khan’s mind and he blames himself for Kamya’s exit. He starts lining up chairs along the boundary of the house with the aim to jump across the wall and leave the show. While VJ Andy eggs him on, Sangram Singh advises Ajaz against taking such an extreme step. After some contemplation, Ajaz comes back inside the house. However, he continues to feel bad.

Party time

To raise contestant morale, Bigg Boss plays some party numbers for the housemates. Hearing the peppy songs, everyone goes to the Garden area and dance their hearts out. Gauahar mistakenly addresses Kushal Tandon as Ajaz which upsets him. Kushal leaves the area and heads inside the house. After some time, the songs stops playing and seeing Gauahar’s plight, Ajaz feels dreadful. He then tells Gauahar that Kushal often mistreats her and she should not accept it.

Kushal ignores Gauahar

Gauahar and Kushal’s differences continue the next day and the dishy dude continues to ignore her. Gauahar tries her best to apologise to Kushal, but he pays no heed to her. Upset with his behaviour, Gauahar starts crying, but Kushal’s heart doesn’t melt; instead he leaves the room and walks away.

Being the day for nominations, Bigg Boss soon calls all the contestants into the living room area to star the nominations procedure. All the contestants are asked to nominate two housemates who they would like to see evicted from the race to the finale. After the nominations process is completed, Ajaz continues to ponder over the state of relationships inside the Bigg Boss house.

Ajaz pledges his loyalty

The situation only gets worse when Kushal and Gauahar confront him about his behaviour towards Kushal. Ajaz clarifies that he considers Kamya and Sangram as his buddies and leaves the place in annoyance to avoid the duo. As this happens, Gauahar and Kushal hug and make up.

As the day draws to close, Kushal and Gauahar find themselves locked in the store room. Unable to take the situation lightly, Kushal gets aggravated forcing Bigg Boss to unlock the door and let them out. When Bigg Boss succumbs to Kushal’s demands, Gauahar and Kushal walk out while making fun of the game. But is the joke really on them?

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  • bbz1

    They locked in bathroom too also Tanisha and Armaan. Kushal after Armaan most disgusting manipulating well calculative contestant, along with taking money to be in the show having free sex and supporting his father to win the election in Lucknow to get Muslim votes. In the middle of the week he should be thrown out. Non of the contestant as of now deserve to win. Kushal talks about women respect, where was the women respect when he intentionally throwing trash on Tanisha in the box, where was the women respect when he call Sofia a looser, if this filth Kushal truly believe in women respect and if he truly love Gauhar, he should have waited to go out do touching kissing so forth. Isn’t it matter of women respect now Kaushal? that too the women you claim that you love? Looks like your brain is in your dick. This guy have no manners no self dignity, being in showbiz not enough, son of a dirty politician too. Because of his rigging fair contestants got evicted before time, who deserve to win Is this entertaining to see what Kushal doing in the house? This guy cannot even sit properly, spinless need to lie in bed all the time he is full of shamelessness, poor taste of people to make him Mr.India, from where and how public finds him sexy? shame on Gauhar too. Andy another conniving most evil contestant, I think only film industry people are getting entertain with his loud voice and noises. Andy and Sangram are full of hatred. If they both given change they will kill people without a regret. Whatever pity crook Ajaz is, far better then the rest Tanisha “egoist” Kushal” shameless” Gauhar “desperate” Sangram “two face snake” Andy “evil” Armaan no need to say anymore about his evilness one can write volumes about this worthless guy. Well sorted mental cases and criminals Bigg Boss having this season worse collections of dirt are in the house for the show. I think Bigg Boss trying to prove evil wins over good .Between worse and bad, let the nut head Ajaz win

  • Amit Sinha

    yai to kuch b nahi hai ager goher ka asli roop dekhna hai tu to google par jakar goher wadrobe malfunction dekho ,us ki behind sari samnay ajaaiy gi is k baad to us ko dunya keaiy akhri kinaray par chala jana chaeeaiy tha ya chuloo bher pane may doob marna chaeeaiy tha mager us ki himmat ko daad dani chaeeaiy dunya ki sab se cheep,ghatya,aur baygharat aurat hay rakhy sawant aur veena malik jasi third class balkay rakhy se b ziada