Bigg Boss 7: Did cops reach the house to inquire about Armaan Kohli after Sophia Hayat’s complaint?

Bigg Boss 7: Did cops reach the house to inquire about Armaan Kohli after Sophia Hayat’s complaint?

He is the ultimate brash boy of the Bigg Boss house and his antics inside the house almost had cops come do rounds of the reality shows sets

Armaan Kohli and Sophia Hayat’s battle inside the house is now legal. With Sophia having filed an official complain against Armaan and the latter’s family having filed a defamation suit against Hayat looks like house matters are longer personal. If reports are to be believed, following Hayat’s complaint, the police visited Bigg Boss 7 sets to find out the truth behind this matter. The reports also suggest that these cops have demanded the footage to probe the matter further.

While Armaan’s temper has been the discussion both in as well as outside the house, we’re sure the actor might not have expected it to turn out the way it has. BollywoodLifers, do tell us what’s your take on the Armaan-Sophia legal battle?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Vakar Ahmad

    we all knew that incident was not so big that there should be FIR, but if u see BB’s soft attitude towards armaan then it seems sofia was right to do this, till now BB or salman never question on armaan’s abusive behavior, y BB and Salman is too lenient towards armaan, y BB or salman bash armaan over his behavior, there is a big question mark on this. Salman always took notice what gauhar, kushal and aijaz doing then y not salman took notice and bash armaan in weekend episode, y this double standard? kushal ke piche to hath dho ke pade ho to armaan se kyu kuch ni kehte, is BB owned by armaan’s father, kushal ke liye to incident khod khod kar nikalte ho to armaan ke matter par chup kyu ho jaate ho, armaan pehle gaali deta hai sabko insult karta hai fir hath pair jod kar maafi mangta hai fir dobara wahi karta hai fir maafi mangta hai par BB aur salman is maamle par chup kyu hai, i think it was the reason who forced sofia to file FIR against armaan.

  • magnet0

    You need to know why Armaan was put up in BBH in the first place. He is doing what he was asked to in BBH to create rift in BBH.

  • Nim Mann

    Brave move by sophia..i dont care she did it for publicity or watevr a dog like armaan kohli should b taught a lesson..he has never respected any woman in his uske maa baap use nahi sikha sake ab woh ek ladki sikhayegi..i hope this 47yr old man now finally learns to respect women or he ll rot in hell..v very well knw he ll come out clean handed in two next tym he ll think twice before abusing any woman!!!! Bravo sophia…

  • ariel

    She personifies the gender battle that is going on in the country.. Proud of her.

  • James Pitt

    Armaan causes problems but he is not reprimanded appropriately, Sophie is bad as well. But ARmaan has gone over the top too many times, with too Many people, again and again, and is very bad example and should be bullied himself (by the authorities or otherwise) to teach him a lesson. See how he likes it! Sophie is a mental patient and is hardly lady like her self. A disaster waiting to happen, or wanting to happen. No wonder bb just stands and watches the commotion. Indian public can make things better by not watching rubbish. Only then bb will be more moral. Ladies will be more lady like and arrogant bullies will be humbled !

  • James Pitt

    Big boss can stop or put more pressure on the contestants, so the (Indian) viewers can also stop or put more pressure on big boss. If the viewers don’t watch bb , then bb will have no choice but to comply or no one will watch bb. Its simple as that!!! It’s the Indian viewers who are wanting this bad behaviour other wise they will not show it. Stop watching or complain to bb, or protest for 1 day, or boycott up until behaviour improves, or admit big boss is the result of your own (corrupt) desires. Peace and Thank you.